What should a woman wear to a casino?

Hello Sunshine! Today, I want to take a moment and channel in my inner high roller... Few days ago, while riding a cab on my way home, and as we passed by the strip of luxury casino-malls nearby, the driver asked me, "Do you go play in a casino?" When he asked me this, I realized how much I don't! It's because I'm always intimidated by how I've seen people dress up for game night. And it seems rightfully true, that however we perceive a place affects how we dress up for it. If a place feels fancy, then we bling up and wear our class A game! But if it's a regular venue, I think going for the most casual look is pretty normal and even encouraged.

Often the perceptions we have of certain places is formed largely by the media. Television and movies provide visual portrayals that often become embedded in our minds especially when we haven’t experienced a certain place on our own. This is definitely true in regards to casinos.

But for those who have never been to a land based venue (the actual casino), frequenting online establishments such as JackpotCity.org feels like a completely different experience. If you're just after the game and excitement, you wouldn't have to get all dressed up just to play. Many movies like to aggrandize the status of people who visit the casino at night through "casino fashion". In the movies, this mostly consist of tuxedos, cocktail dresses, and even gowns. However, this perception is quite off as today’s casinos prefer a more casual dress code, one known as smart casual. So continue reading to get some tips on what to wear in a casino, smart casual style.

When an event or venue calls for a smart casual outfit, I rejoice because this means I can go from work to party mode in a jiffy! All I have to do is change my accessories, bag, and shoes and I'm smart casual-approved!

Smart casual is also known as business casual. This means some of the garments that comprise an outfit very well could have been worn to the office. Therefore, some women find it much easier to start with a current outfit they wear to the office and tweak it a little. Usually, this means replacing the bottom or the jacket. Sometimes, switching to more casual shoes or bag also does the trick!

Personally, I think it's easiest to switch to a smart casual look when you change your shoes. In the office, many women wear heels or more formal footwear. Now to make this casino-ready, you just have to switch it up with more comfortable flats or sandals. You do a lot of walking and sometimes standing in a casino. Wearing heels all night will definitely strain or hurt your legs and feet, making game night less fun! Wear flat soles instead because aside from comfort, avoiding aching feet will also help you keep your focus in your game.

So when you're ready for a great night at the casino, just keep in mind that wearing a smart casual attire is ideal. Not only will you enjoy more out of your night, in comfortable clothes; this will also make it more convenient for you to go from work to play, any day of the week!

Have fun!

Got other smart casual tips to share? Leave them in the comments!

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