My electric first to try Electrotherapy Massage at Takshing Healthcare and Beauty Center

Hello Sunshine! Today I want to share with you something really cool, electrotherapy massage. I got to try it for the first time through Sample Room, and I have to say, I went in for my massage clearly expecting the unexpected! I read about the service online, but going through my treatment, I have to say, nothing could have prepared me enough for my first try of electrotherapy massage. To say it was interesting is an understatement. It was truly current--pun intended!

Curious to learn more about this electric way of keeping your body fit and gorgeous? Hit "read more" to learn 'bout my first experience of Takshing Health Care and Beauty Center's signature electrotherapy massage!
First and foremost, let's learn about electrotherapy massage.

Takshing’s Signature Electrotherapy Massage is unique in its ability to heal the body from within while bringing out your natural inner glow. It effectively defends against a myriad of illnesses by unblocking blood vessels, improving the way your body distributes nutrients, antibodies, blood & oxygen. Our massage treatment also works to stimulate & maintain muscle tone without any pain or side effects.

Makes complete sense to me! I remember when I had to go through physical therapy earlier this year, I completely enjoyed the pulsing current my therapist would subject my back to. It relaxed my myself from within, something I think ordinary massages can't easily access to relieve. With that experience in mind, I knew that the electrotherapy massage has more to offer since it wasn't just subjecting electric current to one muscle region--it was a more fluid and consistent passing of energy throughout the body, and in a manner no less than a rejuvenating massage!

Every treatment starts with a foot soak, to make sure that the feet are clean especially since it is through the foot of which the therapist will connect a node to activate your body with charges. It's as if you're the negative charge of a battery, and the therapist, who will also be connected to a counterpart node, will be the positive end; hence magic every time the therapist touches you!

Electric current all over your body? Scary right? But don't worry, it's completely safe!

While I was getting my treatment done, I was feeling a wild range of things: ticklish (naturally), weirded out (my reflexes were all over the place, some massages caused involuntary movements that I found pretty weird and cool!), relaxed (I truly felt massaged from within! Having electric current coursed through your veins was just magical, and thoroughly relaxing).

Here's the private room where I had my treatment done.

The therapist started by using 10v on me; but she later realized how I needed more, so she increased it to 12v; which is the maximum strength of electricity they use for electrotherapy massage at Takshing (international safe standard is 50v). The difference wasn't that big, or maybe I can just tolerate sensations more than other people. It didn't hurt, the most part. The idea here is, when the therapist massages you to pass on electric current through your veins, the electricity should freely flow. In a healthy body, the bloodstream isn't blocked so the electricity would just flow smoothly. Now, if there are issues in a certain region of your body, the energy finds is blocked and from there, the electricity builds up. When this happens, I have to be honest, you'd feel something from strong tingling to pain. Yes, pain.

Going through my treatment, I realized two things: I've been working too hard, and I'm not respecting my body enough. Every time the "pain" happens, my therapist would tell me or explain to me my problem areas. Most of the pain were on my arms and hands. Since my job involves a lot of typing and writing, I'm not surprised to discover that my arm and hands have major blocked bloodstream or muscle tension going on. But I sometimes dismiss these issues as nothing, basic work hazard, I would say. But oh my golly, I had no idea my "ignored issues" were causing that much "blockage"!

The harder you work, the more you deserve to be pampered holistically. 

Of course my issues can't be resolved in one session, and I'm actually considering making my electrotherapy massage treatment a more regular one since I can't really slow down work-wise...

Now if you're like me who's a workaholic (no shame in that!), make sure to give Takshing Healthcare and Beauty Center a visit because you might be ignoring your body ailments too much. Never neglect your body. Get holistic care every now and then so you can do what you love longer!

Here's a list of benefits you get from electrotherapy massage:

Improves overall circulation
Relieves pain & swelling
Sustains Lymphatic drainage
Toxin release
Fights various illnesses
Tones the body
Keeps skin supple & vibrant
Promotes cellulite reduction
Compliments exercise for overall wellness

Frankly, after the treatment, I hate to say this, but I was so energized, from all that electric current accepted by my body, that I wanted to work some more! But I didn't, I heed the advise of my therapist and went home. She said, I needed to really take a break because my back and arm muscles were really tired.

The next day, I had the best poop of my life! Haha! I know, it's so odd. Guess that says a lot about the effectivity of getting electrotherapy massage where you get detoxifying effects too. You don't get that from ordinary spa massages! Takshing Healthcare and Beauty Center truly gives a more holistic approach to wellness.

Visit them at Unit 103, Richbelt Terraces 19 Annapolis St. Greenhills, San Juan City Philippines.

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