The Sexy Yakult is Here - Yakult Light now in the Philippines

Hello Sunshine! I think it's safe to say that each and every one of us have a fond Yakult memory--if not a specific one, at least fond feelings toward Yakult. Me, I remember how I had such a bad tooth when I was a kid, and I would always just open my Yakult using my front teeth! Think can opener! YES! That's me and my Yakult childhood.

Fast forward to now, still I find myself tempted to "crack open" a teeny-tiny bottle of Yakult. I mean, it's so great that I have carried over my love for Yakult through the years because, frankly speaking, it's very nice to know that some good things stay the same.

So imagine my delight when I got invited to visit the Yakult Philippines factory in Calamba Laguna!!! Continue reading to learn WHY we had very good reason to visit YakultPH factory. wink wink
For over 35 years now, Yakult Philippines Inc. has been actively promoting good health to millions of Filipinos based on its founder, Dr. Minoru Shirota’s guiding principle “prevention above cure”. Before touring the factory, we were actually given a little seminar about Yakult, its history and how it's created. A lot of us, all of which are Yakult lovers, were given a sneak peak on how our favorite cultured milk drink is made. From its ingredients, the materials used for its packaging and manufacturing, and more; Yakult Philippines went really all out in sharing vital information for both our curious and conscious questions.

Fortunately, in today’s high-tech and fast-paced world, more and more people have become health conscious too and are constantly looking for healthy foods and beverages in the market.

In line with this, Yakult Philippines Inc. has decided to launch its new variant, a lighter version of its popular health drink, in response also to consumer feedback of having a low calorie Yakult.

FROM THIS, the regular Yakult drink...

TO ALSO THIS... an option to go light, with Yakult Light.

Again, your childhood favorite...
Now a teenage dream!

Same Great Taste, Same Friendly Bacteria, and LOW calories

Yakult Light gives you the same taste and contains the same unique 8 billion live Lactobacillus casei Shirota strain as the Yakult original, only now with fewer calories, and 0% fat.

It is also specially made for those who are on a low carbohydrate diet to make them fit inside-out, as well as those who are conscious of their sugar level but want more supply of probiotics in their digestive system.

LACTOBACILLUS CASEI SHIROTA STRAIN, this strain found in Yakult, has remarkable resistance to the sterilization effect of gastric juices and bile.  Thus, it can reach the intestine alive where it can proliferate and exert various beneficial activities essential for healthy body.

Just so you know...

Drinking probiotics isn't all about the YUM -- though it's very yummy indeed! Probiotics delivers great health benefits too, and here's a shortlist of what goodness you treat your body with every time you drink Yakult.
- Balances the levels of good vs bad bacteria in the intestine
- Inhibits production of harmful substance in the intestine
- Improve bowel movement
- Prevents intestinal infection
- Helps replenish good bacteria after drinking antibiotic
- Promotes better absorption of food

So now, no one really has any excuse to stay away from Probiotics. If I may say, everyone should be making Yakult a staple drink for every after-meal or at least once a day! And of course, with Yakult Light, the choice just became easier and healthier for all!

As for me, any lighter alternatives to my guilty pleasures are always welcome. It gives me peace of mind knowing that I can still enjoy the stuff I really love, without having to worry a lot about having gone overboard hihi

Try Yakult Light now and taste the same goodness you grew up loving, for lesser the caloric intake!

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