Sample Room Splash of Summer

Hello Sunshine! Sample Room made a huge mark on my summer as we had an invite-only event last May 17! It was a great event held at Pico de Loro, Batangas, one of the newest and hippest beach destinations of the season, where we paid homage to the beautiful summer season while having fun at the beach and bonding with girlfriends.

What perfect timing too because I had a really bad week behind me! Good thing Sample Room took me away to a place where I got to set aside my worries, let my inner child shine through, and just bring out a grateful smile for the blessings that I can’t ever forget to be thankful for. Continue reading to learn more about our beach getaway!

To make our Splash of Summer beach getaway even more perfect, all our summer essentials were covered thanks to Sample Room brand partners!

Stay young, wild, and free basking in the glorious sun…

Belo SunExpert products that help you stay young under the sun, with powerful UVA and UVB blockers, and are lightweight, easily absorbent, and effective!

Time to bare that skin, but colored lips need not be erased!

Happy Skin’s latest products, the Shut Up and Kiss Me Limited Edition Moisturizing Lippie in Valentine Kiss and Make a Clean Sweep Micellar Water Revitalizing Makeup Cleanser, just because your skin and lips need to be healthy and beautiful at all times!

When it’s hot, all you will ever think about is having a cool, cool drink…

VitaBoost will keep you healthy under the scorching sun with its vitamin-packed healthdrink.

Nyogi Coconut Water will give you a splash of freshness and flavor, taking you to beautiful coconut trees and sand.

The sun shines its best at the beach…and you better be dressed for it.

Soak Swimwear is the reason why we anticipate in summer. Sexy silhouettes, sultry colors. Need we say more?

Maui and Sons coverups are colorful, fun, and will cover up just enough to call it still very much, sexy.

All bright, all right, all summer!

Jean and Rosz accessories take an interesting turn this summer with happy colors to brighten up any plain outfit!

One shade darker is still brighter this summer…

FLY Shades, with its hip and cool designs, brings out the fashionista in you, and keeps your eyes from the glare of the sun.

Kick off those shoes for now, time to let loose…

Melissa Shoes that are not only a perfect match for everydays, but also have really fun slipper designs for summer!

Elements Slippers are cushiony, and aesthetically pleasing with its oozing feminine vibe and wonderful simplicity, simply a summer staple!

Stay in the beat of summer…

Elecom earphones are stylish, functional, and fun! Just plug it in, and get lost in the party beats of summer!

Bring home only the good memories…

Celine foldable totes and pouches make you have bags in an instant just when you suddenly need to bring something home.

Capture summer. It's more than a memory.

Cameras and digital equipment by Henry’s Camera will make you reminisce summer memories forever.

We gotta know we’re truly livin’ a good life…

Charm Makeup Brushes’ latest brush set called Livin` a Charmed Life,  as life is beautiful, when we choose to see that we really are living a blessed life!

Soffia Beauty recreates airbrush finish in makeup table – you’ll never look like you have makeup on.

Big thank you to Sample Room for giving me, and thousands of beauty-loving girls, an amazing and beautiful summer 2014 to remember!

Sample Room, the Philippines’ first beauty and lifestyle sampling website, now strong with a 16,000+ membership, tirelessly provides beauty/lifestyle samples to the Filipino people with increasing brands and the latest products in the market. Sample Room celebrates summer with the most awaited favorite products for sun protection.

This summer and beyond, Sample Room is all about giving Sample Room members the opportunity to try new products and services for free, empowering them with a “try before you buy” philosophy, giving value to money with a more assured purchase!


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