The Other Woman - the ultimate girlfriends movie!

Will you ever be friends with the girl your husband or boyfriend cheated you with?

Earlier this week I attended the press screening of The Other Woman, a glamorous comedy featuring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton (of which I ended up having an ultimate girl crush with). To say that I laughed my heart out would be an understatement. Frankly, I'm not a big fan of this seemingly trendy take on shows or movies focusing on adultery and all sorts--but oh my lord, The Other Woman was sadistically funny!

I really enjoyed how it picked on the painful scenario (a cheating husband on the loose!) and eventually allowed three great personalities and strong women shine bright on top of things--with grace and a new found friendship in tow.

If you've experienced being cheated on, or shame on you, if you've cheated on someone before (more shame if you're cheating on someone NOW), you just have to watch The Other Woman. It's one of those feel-good movies that would truly entertain you after a stressful day. It's perfect for girl's night out gimiks, and is a pretty cool movie to watch when you're feeling jaded about love and dating; after having gone through a number of failed relationships.

Rather than being morbid or melancholic, The Other Woman explores the brighter side of things and nominates a more active rather than passive take on how a cosmopolitan woman should face a cheater--fearless and with dignity!

Frankly, I don't think I can ever be friends with "the mistress" no matter how innocently she may have turned herself into that role; but movies like The Other Woman makes me want to consider than maybe there really are other sides of a story that deserves attention and an equal chance for understanding. These modern times truly opens up a wider net in terms of defining friendship. The Other Woman is one of the many great stories that can unfold from similar heartaches that may arise along the way.

The Other Woman is girl power on steroids! Watch it to get your dose of laughter this weekend!


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