Soi Thai Restaurant, Greenbelt 5

Hello Sunshine! Forgive my excuses, but I realized I have tons of photos for blogging at my disposal, and I have a long overdue delay at posting them! Up to the point where, I hate to admit this, but I actually forgot the key details of the stuff I want to share: name, price, etc. BUT that shouldn't stop me from sharing right? I would love to believe that pictures speak a thousand words, indeed, so here are some photos of the yummy food I tried at Soi Thai Restaurant, Greenbelt 5!

TRIVIA: the first time I tried Thai food was a completely traumatizing experience. I can remember it vividly, I was with my family and we decided to try out this new Thai restaurant at Robinsons Galleria, Oody's, and betchamygollywow, everything had cilantro! I HATE Cilantro with a passion. Jezzez, even the lemonade had Cilantro. I never felt so defeated by food!

Thai food is a hit or miss for me! But at Soi, everything was YUM!

What's your favorite cuisine?

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