My Summer Favorites

Hello Sunshine! Summer’s almost ending so I figured it’s a good idea to list down things that I loved about summer. I’m talking about summer colors and flavors that I will be taking through the rainy season so my sunshine won’t dim out.

My fruity mouthwash – Swish Mangosteen Mint* starts at Php 35

I’ve said this before and I’d say it again, I was dumbfounded to discover a mouthwash that is mangosteen flavored. To begin with, I never imagined it. And second, it’s actually pretty yummy. The unique taste of Swish Mangosteen Mint is quite sparkling on the mouth and is great for pre-meeting touch ups.

Swish Mouthwash is an alcohol free mouthwash that helps kill bad breath causing bacteria and prevents plaque build-up, gum disease and tooth decay. Swish is a product of United Laboratories Inc

Powered by SureFresh Technology, Swish doesn't just cover up bad breath because it kills bad bacteria, prevents plaque and gingivitis for long-lasting fresh breath.

My #skinergizing facial wash – Clean and Clear Fruit Essentials Facial Cleanser* with Energizing Berry

One thing that I’m proud of is my pimple-free skin. Pimples were hardly a problem for me, I’m lucky I know, because whenever I do end up with breakouts, it’s usually an isolated case—even hidden along my hairline or brows! But luck doesn’t mean I am careless. So I maintain my pimple-free streak with pimple fighting cleansers every now and then.

Something new that I tried just recently is Clean and Clear Fruit Essentials Facial Cleanser with Energizing Berry. This new facial cleanser release actually reminds me of those yummy bursting pearl sinkers I request for when drinking fruity milk teas because it has bursting berry beads that releases berry extracts to energize tired skin. It’s pretty fun to use, and it leaves me excited for my next wash. I’d recommend this if you’re going through a breakout season—or if you’re generally bored of your facial wash.

Clean and Clear Fruity Essentials line also has a lemon variant. Those who prefer a more citrusy clean would love this because of its refreshing scent. Even more, because of its lemon angle, this facial cleanser is ideal for everyday brightness. Lemon extracts help brighten up the skin and also aids fighting dirt build up, blackheads and whiteheads (ito naman yung problema ko talaga because I have big pores huhu).
So I kinda join the band of teens in battling pimples the right and gentle way. Their pocket event at Mall of Asia was also testament to how teens come together in self-expression. I love how teens today don't feel the need to adjust their unique personality just to compromise for clean and clear skin. Thanks to Clean and Clear facial wash, girls of every personality can be the best they can be without worrying about breakouts. Learn more by liking Clean and Clear Philippines on Facebook.
Candy cutires wearing "Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful" statement tees, aww.

My tangerine orange Longchamp bag

I got this out of impulse and ever since, the purchase has been justified. I got the short-handled one because at that time I planned on also getting a long-handled bag in a different color. Seriously, this bag screams Kumiko!! I love how it’s bright yet very cute. It’s definitely the no-bullshit bag I deserve because I have so much going on that I owe it to myself to own a bag that can keep up with my load.

My perfectly pink lips – Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss Me in Valentine Kiss*

Ha! I know this is a Valentine’s day release, on top of being a limited edition shade, but who’s to say you can’t wear your pink lippies during the summer? I got this as a gift from my Sample Room and Happy Skin family and it was love at first swipe.

I don’t classify myself as fair-skinned so I tread carefully when exploring pink lipsticks. But this number was just the right shade for my skintone. It’s very complementing, and I love how pa-cute yes sophisticated it looks.

My newfound SPF must-have – Belo SunExpert Facial Sunscreen*

To be honest, I never expected myself consider sunblock as a must-have. Plain and simple, I know it IS a must but personally, for the longest time, I struggled in convincing myself to commit to the habit of applying sunscreen

Well that was until I tried Belo SunExpert Facial Sunscreen. Ha! I love it so much that I actually wrote about it here, here, and here! I just can’t get over how it melts on the skin upon application. It feels great under make-up—in fact, it hardly feels like it’s there! The best part, and pinch me if this isn’t supposed to be an actual effect of Belo SunExpert Facial Sunscreen; my skin feels super soft and supple whenever I use this product. I myself find it hard to believe, that a sunscreen can give me that bouncy soft feel on my skin, but it’s there.

According to the product description, Belo SunExpert Face Cover has Cell Protect formula that strengthens the skin’s defense system while preventing accelerated premature skin aging. Frankly, I don’t think that explains a lot why my skin feels soft when using this product, but long-term it makes sense. I’ve been using this for around two months already and the new found healthy glow I can’t stop talking about could be credited to my skin being well protected against summer’s harmful UV rays!

So there you go. Those are my summer favorites. I worked hard on trimming it to just five; and I hope this helped you imagine new ways on keeping the summer spirit alive despite the upcoming rainy season!

Do you have summer favorites too? Tell me!

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