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Hello Sunshine! Whether you're moving on from a cold season literally or figuratively, nothing beats the colors of summer in waking up the fire within. Summer is a reawakening season where pretty much everything is in full bloom – from new adventures, new memories, and if I may say, new life. 
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Personally, I look forward to summer more than I look forward to NYE. Summer is my cue to 2nd chances, should I ever need it; and I think even for other people, summer is a season that enables those who need reinvention to just lay it low, and be anew. Read more to get my Get Happy Sunshine tips for those who need a little lift this summer season.

1. Wear bright colors

Fashion is empowering. Do you remember how regal you felt as a kid when you wear your blanket or sheets and pretend you're wearing a gown? That's sheer testament to the power of fashion. So, if you need a little life-lift; wear bright colors. Try visit the nearest Paperdolls location to your home or office to find pretty-me-up summer clothes. Like Paperdolls on Facebook to see more of their collection.

2. Exhaust the feeling.

Every summer, I find myself going back to this song. It's a very sad song, but it inspires me to move forward. I'm sure it's not just me, that a lot of people out there have feelings that also sway with the seasons; and I think one very strong reason why I look forward to summer is in its promise. It promises new beginnings. It promises change. And furthermore, summer promises warmth. Now, when I'm going through this swing, like I said, I go back to this song because it helps me exhaust whatever sad feelings I have welling in me. It's always better to let your emotions run naturally. Let it go...

3. Embrace art.

Art inspires art, and while to some art if but a simple form, I think art is a way of life. It is a life lived with meaning. Embrace the concept and live, breathe, eat it.
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To those who are going through difficulties, I hope this summer season brings you the joy and color you well-deserve. If all else fail, you can always reinvent yourself with fashion. Fashion is empowering, and it's yours to own.

Happy summer sunshine! Never ever lose your light.

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