My Sunblock for the Face Story

Sometimes, finding the right beauty product can be like finding your perfect brew. You experiment from dark to creamy; sweet to bold; until you find your signature cup! Inspired by this thought, here’s my story on finding the perfect sunblock for my skin type.
Wearing sunblock underneath my makeup... now a habit I don't want to break!

It first started in not knowing why I should wear sunblock. Sunscreen protection was the least of my interests because I figured I’m young and my skin is invincible—especially since I do have a thorough skincare routine. But one unassuming afternoon spent outside debunked it all. Wearing proper sun protection is Important so I began my journey, which I shall be sharing with you in the next set of days, to help you find your sunscreen match!

Admittedly, SPF for the face is one of my biggest beauty fears. I never liked how it felt heavy on the face; never liked how sticky it feels especially when under makeup; and I also don’t like how it photographed. But when I tried Belo SunExpert SPF for the face, as Taylor Swift placed it, Everything Has Changed.

Belo Facial Sunscreen is non-sticky, lightweight, non-comedogenic, water-resistant, and feels angelic when applied. It’s the complete opposite of what I have always imagined SPF for the face to be like. Dra. Belo was right. Her SPF range is a dream.

I used it on my recent Crystal Beach, Zambales trip, thank you, and I didn’t burn despite long days under the sun. I re-applied only twice in a day too! (Check out some kulit photobombing pics from my trip!)

Obvious ba? I'm using my Belo SunExpert Beach bag! Such a Belo Beauty girl, I am!
LOL my scarf covered my face!

 So if you’re looking for a great face sunscreen, try this product from Belo. It is available from Zalora Philippines website, together with other Belo products which I have yet tried but am left curious to experience myself.

The best part, Belo SunExpert Facial Sunscreen is Paraben-free! Now you know why I can’t stop writing about this amazing skincare range.

How about you? What’s your biggest beauty qualm?


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