My Simple Summer Wishlist

My summer wishlist is here! Let me know if we’re wishing for the same things too! The theme for this wishlist is summer lovin’ because I think these items will help me find more reasons to love this season as days go by! #DearUniverse…
Le girlfriend took this photo to Instagram because she knows I am a sunflower girl at heart!

1. Underwater camera – imagine capturing the beauty of the ocean deep in a photo? Perfection isn’t it? I saw quite a lot of underwater cameras for sale on Lazada Philippines. Check it out!

2. DSLR camera – presently, I own an Olympus Pen. It is a pro-sumer camera and while it’s really love to own and use, it has some limitations that I believe a DSLR camera can resolve. I have avoided the DSLR trend like the plague because I’m not a fan of how bulky they are; but this year I want to embrace it just because I’m working on a new project that I think would benefit from a DSLR camera.
3. Travel pouches – since school, I’ve always been the girl with the big bag! And in my bag, I have tons of pouches. I love keeping things in their proper places. As of writing, I have a cosmetic pouch, a bathroom pouch, a pouch for papers and receipts, and a pouch for cards!
4. String sandals – summer is the perfect season to flaunt your footsies. With tons of pretty summer bright nail polishes waiting to be worn, what better way to welcome summer days than with summer perfect sandals, right?

5. Hair mask – during summer months, I use hair mask more often. From having a once a week routine, I upgrade to a thrice a week practice. I feel like the raging sun splits my hair of moisture and health in a more aggravated way during this hot season so I try to keep up with my hair needs by nourishing my hair more often than usual.

Summer is a great time for exploring and discovering the beauty the world has to offer--and within. Take advantage of this lovely season by challenging yourself into a deeper self-awareness and security. :)

With this wishlist, I hope to feel more inspired to seize this very special sunshine season. I know that days pass by fast, and sometimes life can give us surprises, both good and bad; but I also believe that with the right determination and clarity, getting the things you wish for can come easy.

What do you think of my summer lovin’ wishlist?


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