5 Decorating Tips on How to use Lace in Designing your Room

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Hello Sunshine! I was at the beach last weekend and I can't begin to explain how it inspired me to be all hippie in terms of coordinating clothes, looks and even redecorating my room. Because of that, I'm now in the process of organizing my thoughts on how to incorporate more feminine touches in everything I design. My key ingredient for this would be lace!
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Read about my 5 tips on how to use lace for home decor after the jump!

1. Use lace curtains. 

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I was hopping around the net when I stumbled upon Swags Galore, an online shop for lace curtains. It made me dream of Portand again, and while I can't fly to that pretty place, I realized, I can bring the Portland flavor right in the comfort of my room. What I really enjoyed about the site is its extensive selections for lace curtains. They have sheer curtains--which I realized to be difficult to come by in the malls--and they also have country inspired curtains perfect for any room: living room, kitchen, bedroom!

2. Make a lace dreamcatcher.

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I love the idea of having a lace dreamcatcher because it turns this Native American concept modern, chic, and very gentle to look at as part of a room that is meant to evoke softness and femininity.

3. Turn used candle jars or mason jars into decorative candle holders (or brush holders!)

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I love burning candles and I think it'd be super prettier to burn candles and see lace patterns on the wall! Also, it would be more enchanting to recycle candle jars to pretty brush holders with lace wrapped around it!

4. You can also wrap stones in lace to turn them into a pretty paperweight or decoration.

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This is by far the easiest and most endearing way of making sure I don't lose my bills and all. :) Pretty paperweight is a must-have at home, by the counter, or even in the office.

5. Use a bold colored lace as an accent piece for your beddings.

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With lace, a little punch of color can go very long. Try using neon or strikingly colored lace as trimmings for your bedding so it will pop with personality!

Using lace as the key ingredient in decorating any room is one of the easiest classiest home decoration tip that you can try out. It doesn't hurt the budget, and it can be explored in numerous ways. These 5 easy tricks on using lace to decorate your room are only beginning points on how you can further use lace to express your personality and style through your home decor.

As for me, I'm already looking for a lace pattern I would be re-using as a coordinate for most of my home redecorating plans. What I'd do is get a big chunk of lace and use that pattern to accent things in the room, create a dreamcatcher, decorate my brush holder, and more!

What do you think?

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