Unboxing Em Cosmetics Beach Life Palette

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Hello Sunshine! Summer's just around the corner and what better way to get ready for Sun than to cozy up with a makeup palette that is named after the beach! Here are some photos of my Em Michelle Phan Beach Life Palette.

Em Cosmetics is the makeup brand founded by YouTube mother hen of all makeup gurus, Michelle Phan. It's a brand under Loreal but what makes this palette unique is its concept. In story, Em Michelle Phan is a brand inspired by Michelle's beauty community and fans. Their questions, concerns, issues. It's a growing brand and the beauty of it is it grows with its following. The way I see it, Em is Michelle's way of collaborating with her fans to create more tools making beauty accessible to anyone! As a fan myself, I have to share how fulfilled I felt to have one of her products physically as part of my beauty stuff.

It just gets golden to note that my first Em Cosmetics item is from my partner, thanks baby.

Beach Life palette for me is the perfect palette for my personality and lifestyle. I love it because it has super wearable colors but with room for play! Unlike other nudish palettes, Beach Life has playful textures and accent shades that truly reminds me of the beach and sand. The warmth of its copper bronzes and contouring eye shadows bring me to a beautiful sunset; white its poolside quadrant makes me feel like I'm good to go for a morning chill. True to her word, I think Beach Life palette is super well thought of. I've been using it ever since!

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