Revlon MoistureStay Swatches and Life Tips

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Hello Sunshine! I've been very busy lately, and regret to say that I've been missing out on my Tuesday Thursday blog schedule! Instead, I blog when I can- -sometimes even on my phone (which is of course super awesome because who would've thought it was that possible)!

So today, allow me to share with you 3 tips to keeping your sanity despite a busy schedule. Hope these tips help you out because they surely keep me on tip-top ticking shape.

1. Bring your essentials, and some extras.

This is my new bag. It's from a brand called Paper Thinks. It's a large-sized shopping bag made of reconstructed leather and it's roomy enough to be an everyday type of bag. In it, I always have a mirror, pen and paper, hand sanitizer, dental floss, lip balm,  phone charger, wet wipes, keys.

I don't know about you but I feel more comfortable with big bags. I like make sure I have my essentials and a few random emergency items with me, anywhere I go. Of course, I try to keep things as manageable as possible, but on any given day, I'm the girl with the big bag! Fortunately, I discovered this Paper Thinks shopping bag at Rustans Makati. It made preparing my bag easier, ever since.

2. Take pictures of beautiful things.

Turn a bad day upside down with a heartwarming photo with friends and loved ones. Remember positivity with turquoise skies. A beautiful photo is a strong emblem of hope especially when you're going through something difficult or stressful, so take lots of pictures. Capture the beautiful places, moments, and feelings you encounter in life. Take them and know that no one can rob you of your experiences. They're yours forever.

3. Wear lipstick.

Swipe on a lovely lip color to readily face life's challenges! When I feel stressed, I consciously reach out for my bright colored lippies (pinks, fuchsias); while a demanding meeting or schedule inspires me to wear my vixen shades (berries, reds). To help you, I took swatches of five of my new Revlon MoistureStay lip color lipsticks to guide you on your lipstick collections.
Revlon MoistureStay Lipstick in Toffee
Revlon MoistureStay Lipstick in Buff
Revlon MoistureStay Lipstick in Dusk
Revlon MoistureStay Lipstick in Violet
Revlon MoistureStay Lipstick in Crimson

 At the end of the day, life is about what you make of it. Keep things positive and stay true to your heart so you will never lose yourself in the journey; rather, you will continue growing to be the person you were meant to become.

Enjoy the ride!

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