I saw Fake Geishas and thought No! Fake Skincare is not for me.

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Hello Sunshine! I have a confession to make. I have had my share of fake items. Especially back in highschool, I've tried pseudo havaianas slippers (hawaianas!!!) and other make believe replicas of wallets and bags. I didn't know better. I was an uninformed consumer who only cared about saving on cost. Little did I know that the fake items industry is a dark forest of bad business principles and practices.
Lesson learned! Stay innocent, but smart!

So today I will share with you by far the worst fake items experience I've tried. And hopefully, by the end of this post you'd understand how fake items actually rob you of your hard-earned money rather than help you get savings.

Fake skincare...

 Of all things you shouldn't compromise for the love of stinginess is your choice of skincare. When you use unreputable skincare items, you dive into more risks than benefits.

Like fake makeup, fake skincare come from companies who are not liable to any damage caused to your skin. Who knows what harsh and low quality ingredients are mixed into fly-by-night skincare brands. Your skin is your gateway to the pleasures of touch. It is the most passionate of all your senses and it deserves a passionate skincare routine that won't compromise its health.

I mean really... if you would only use fake skincare, don't bother. Stick to a no skincare routine instead. It may even be safer!

Where's the Lab?

 Reputable skincare brands take precaution on their formulations because they know they are responsible for their customer's welfare. That's why authentic brands invest on research and testing to make sure that any product released in the market is safe for mass use. Without such, consumers become the guinea pigs! Do you think your skin deserves to just be an experiment? I think not too!

Long-term results

 The beauty of skincare is its promise of long-term and actual results! Authentic and effective skincare products deliver with obvious results like smoothness, suppleness, hydration and even whitening. This is because our skin is pretty accommodating.

Did you know that 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed by your body? Amazing right? This is the secret why quality skincare delivers its promises--because the skin allows it to sink deep into the dermis to alter, heal, improve and nourish the skin.

So now the question I would ask is... would you be comfortable in allowing fake and questionable skincare products change you from within? I don't think so.

Ensuring the authenticity of your choice of skincare is very important and not-to-mention practical. Not only is it safer, it's actually the smart way of investing on yourself.

Now all this talk reminds me of the fake geisha ads I saw online. Well, I say fake geisha because to me, when you say geisha, I always imagine it to be pearl white ladies in beautiful kimonos.. but the geishas I saw were of different colors. Eerie!

So I clicked on the ad and it lead to Kojie San's website.

Then I put the pieces together and I realized the heart of their campaign - awareness! Kojie San is running a campaign on creating awareness against fake kojic soaps in the market. It has the right to do so as it's a multi-awarded skincare brand and is trusted by its users because of its authenticity and quality. Even my mom uses the soap, and my mom has beautiful skin!

Like me, I won't be surprised if there are ladies of all ages out there making the same mistake of trying out backyard brands (those skincare brands that spring out of nowhere)! So I'm very pleased that Kojie San dared to talk about the controversy of fake kojic soaps.

And like me, I think the best way to liberate them of their mistakes is awareness. Sometimes we girls just need a light tapping to correct a big wrong.

I don't want any of you to sink deep into the bad practice of supporting the fake items industry. So this is me, tapping you ever so lightly, with a smile saying, "Sis, stop using questionable skincare items.

Parang love lang yan, you deserve the real thing."

To learn more about authentic KOJIC SOAPS, visit www.kojiesan.com now!

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