Face Oasis and Travel Realizations

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Hello Sunshine! Last week I went to Singapore for an awesome Lean Start-up Workshop, joined by my colleagues from AyosDito.ph and other representatives from neighboring regions. It was a really fun and fulfilling experience especially because of the relevance our workshop had on my every day responsibilities at work. We had a good discussion about the difference between Insight and Impact. Super inspiring and I have a multitude of take aways to inspire me further in my work.

But aside from the workshop, I also have some misadventures to share! First, I got to ride a bus in a foreign country completely not knowing where to get off! I didn't even know which stop to take going back to the hotel (was staying at the Village Changi Hotel). Here's a photo of me waiting for a bus (feeling Korean drama)
Photo by Pau :p

My hotel room!
Yey hahaha

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Unlike some, I don't really have the motivation, energy and access to travel; that I admit. So I reserve whatever I can to local travel plans since they're more practical. But in the two occasions I was sent to Singapore, I welcomed the familiarity to the unknown. It's super empowering to fly across miles and meet people from different backgrounds.

True enough, traveling feeds the soul. It makes a person one with the world. And whoa, it's beautiful!

Speaking of beauty and travel, I want to share with you some travel friendly samples I got from H2O Plus Philippines and SampleRoomPH. These skincare buddies helped me get comfortable with Singapore's humidity.

 Let me talk ocean with you. H2O Plus Face Oasis has wave after wave of skin benefits. Like 8 glasses of water, the Face Oasis oil-free moisturizer is an all-in-one powerful skincare that works as a day cream, instant eye rescue gel, and overnight hydrating cream. I especially love its cooling sensation on the skin. Using it feels like taking a refreshing bath. I used it on my way back (I had a late flight, so tiring), and it lucked me to sleep the entire flight back! Afterwhich left me rested.and refreshed... and I landed 11:50PM mind you!

Have you tried this product? Maybe next time YOU travel you could give this a shot. It's marine skincare at its finest. 


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