Quirky Resolutions for the year 2014

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Hello Sunshine! Yesterday, was happy to read about the lucky colors of the year 2014 through this Eles Cosmetics beauty blog. First, because I love the color green (which is one of the two lucky colors of 2014); and second because I like learning new ways to put more color into even mundane topics like lucks and charms.

See, the best thing about welcoming a new year is in the endless possibilities it represent. A new year marks new beginnings. If you feel like the previous year wasn't that kind, then a new year also represents the chance to start fresh. And I for one am a believer of good things coming to people who are able to visualize positivity, so aside from 2014 New Year's Resolutions for a great life, I have my habits to keep too.
Starting the year with THIS hair color! Am I Ramona Flowers enough now?

That being said, this year I will continue to make things more colorful. Yes, I know, sometimes I look like a unicorn puked on me, but I love things with color. I love seeing vivid brightness and dashes of pleasantries here and there--and putting color to things is the easiest way of making that happen. Here are a few things I will commit myself into doing to ensure a colorful 2014!

1. Wear nail polish.

Etude House Nail Polish
Wearing Etude House on my nails always makes me feel like a sparkly princess!
I love nail polish a lot because they are easy pick-me-uppers. And they remind me of painting. I love them so much it came to a point where I had over 300 bottles of nail polish! The sucky part? I don't use them, really. My nails are very brittle so I can only keep them short. I have a bad habit of chipping my nail polish off, so I try to limit my use of them to special occasions. So yes, for 2014, I will take care of the little things--such as perking my nails up with sparkly nail art and more!

2. Mark my territory.

How odd is it that for 2014, part of my resolutions involves the idea of being possessive?!

Anyway, here's the thing. Last 2012 was crazy. I can't even put my finger on it. It was just wild. And it gotten so wild, I just allowed things to fall off my hand. I was at such a down moment, I figured, what the hell. What is there to lose is already lost.

I didn't fight for much. I just compressed myself into a comfortable position just to get by--and I don't regret it. I still feel that it was my only way to surmount holistically the challenges thrown our side of the planet; but I do admit that my way wasn't perfect. So I let go a lot of things, lost quite a hefty, and 2013 became pretty much recovery--about regaining and remaking opportunities around me.

The best part? Last year was an abundance of blessings. It was kind, gentle, rough on the side, but everything I could've asked for, if I were allowed to ask. So I want to see 2014 as a year where I will put up a fight before anything or anyone important is at risk of being lost into a black hole. So I will own this year by valuing more people, things, etc.

This means investing on friendships. Introversion is not an excuse (for everything). And for the more tangible stuff, I decided to my color things up with my name! I got mine as a gift from when I turned 25. Of course I did the most natural thing to do with it, and that was to spell out my name in pretty pastel colors.
Get your Color Name from this seller.
But I didn't stop there. I also made little key chains with positivity words like WIN! In hindsight, I think doing so made the remaining months of 2013 such a winning period too! I got to travel to Singapore (for FREE!), dye my hair a color I've been wanting to try on for ages (green!), learn how to play more Taylor Swift songs, and more!

3. Find my cup of tea.

An office colleague gave me this and I'm in love.
You know how some people use the phrase "it's my cup of tea" to refer to things that they like? I find it super duper adorable and dainty. Although, I am still a coffee snorter-er-lover; I am a tea-drinker also! And come to think of it, especially in the Philippines, finding your cup of tea is harder than finding your favorite coffee! So this 2014, I want to find MY cup of tea! I want to take this little drinking hobby a bit more seriously by trying more blends, learning how to distinguish flavors and proper steeping time per tea blend, and more. I want to upgrade from thinking all green tea is Macha, into being an expert in the different fruits and flowers that can fit my little teacup!

Now with these quirky little resolutions, I know 2014 will be all sorts of charming no matter the shade I'm in. Read more resolutions here.

How about you? What quirky things will you be trying out this year?

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