3 New Year's Resolutions for a great 2014

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Hello Sunshine! Starting the year right means taking a moment to look at the things that could be improved from last year, not for the purpose of criticizing the year that passed, but for realizing lessons to be practiced for the days that would follow. My lessons for 2013 are simple, honest and light. And for those reasons, I'm excited to explore a new year with brighter eyes. Check out 3 of my 10 New Year's Resolutions for a better 2014.

1. Make room and time for the things that matter.

Busy was never cool and professional to my vocabulary. While some people bask in the concept of a busy schedule, I simply feel bad about it; especially if it means less time for things that could have meant more. This 2014, I will make room and time for more things like perfecting that Taylor Swift song or learning how to paint on canvas. I don't want to excuse myself anymore just to avoid meeting people, joining events, etc. This year, I will be at the center of movement. Productivity is my word of the year for nothing.
Belle de Jour Power Planner 2014

2. Have more gentle fun.

This it pretty much a mix of my life philosophy: kindness and happiness. While kindness is my advocacy, happiness is my route. If there's anything I take away from the past months, it's that happiness makes everything legendary. That new personalized coffee concoction? Bliss. A 15-minute walk to see a person you love? Happiness.
Decided to print the colors of 2013 using my LG Pocket Photo!

3. Treasure the little things.

Last 2013, I decided to let go of books from my collection. It was a burden I had to unload because I had to face the fact that I can't take all my books with me--if I were to live on-the-go. But I kept the ones that captured my spirit in between pages, and what's more, I decided to make them last forever (and a lifetime more) by treating them with tender loving care using Cover Up sticker covers. Every year, I try to challenge myself into reading more literature to expand my knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the world. This year, I will start by also treasuring the books that helped my little mind grow (and venture into places with just a flip of a page). I know to some, it sounds really futile to resolve a year of better book care regimens. But for a book lover who wants to pass on a legacy of titles to the next generation, it isn't.

I want to grow into a person with a collection of great books rallied up behind her--and I'll do that with style using Cover Up stickers! They're super cute and I love collecting their different designs.

Cover Up book stickers
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Now for some quirky new year's resolutions for a more colorful 2014!

Meanwhile, comment with your New Year's Resolutions for 2014! And don't forget to start the year by having a cool January!

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