The Cream Factory, the Dessert for the skin

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Hello Sunshine! I have gone to Cream Factory heaven, where the body gets the ultimate treat every bath time. Yes, the dessert for your skin now comes in a selection of flavors; and though they come in so many different scents, nothing could stop me from getting them all. I am what you would call a convert, and for the past few weeks, I've been using my collection of The Cream Factory Bath Creams* in rotation--depending on my mood of course!
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We all have our favorite dessert. And now, here's our dessert for the skin! The Cream Factory is luscious, indulgent, and smells oh so good. You'll wish you could eat it! This bath cream has Goat's milk from the Netherlands and The Cream Factory uses 100% active botanical extracts to leave your skin feeling velvety-smooth and fresh all day, even into the night. Go ahead. Give in. Treat yourself to an ultra-delish dessert for you skin.

 Judging by the name itself, it's expected that The Cream Factory will come in yummy scents--and feel ultra-creamy on the skin. But I was still pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed bath time with these babies. The first bottle I owned was The Cream Factory in Goat's Milk and Avocado--the "radiating" soap. Now, if you're the type who doesn't always get enough sleep and suffer from lackluster skin, this type of bath cream is best for you. Made with 100% active botanicals, for this Avocado extract specifically, the Cream Factory's Avocado concoction will make you looking radiant every shower.

Now after my Avocado soap, the rest became history.

From my November BDJ box and my goodies from The Cream Factory official Blogger launch, I ended up with other scents to love! Among of which, my favorite is, Cinnamon! I truly didn't imagine liking the scent of Cinnamon buns on my soap, but The Cream Factory did the trick. Now I really feel like Christmas is in the air because of my Cinnamon bath cream.

What are the plus points for The Cream Factory bath cream? It lathers so well--a little goes a very long way. I just squeeze out a little dollop then spread all over on my skin. After which, I use a loofah to make it more foamy and voila, super duper treat for the skin! Lastly, I love how these bath creams smells amazing without overpowering my senses. I don't like stuff that are too fragrant because I end up sneezing a lot!

If you're looking for something sweet for your bath treats this holiday season, The Cream Factory bath creams are your golden ticket! Try them out asap!


The Cream Factory Philippines through the generosity of Because Inc. will be giving away one 26 fl.oz bottle of The Cream Factory in Goat's Milk and Cinnamon (my favorite!). The mechanics are super easy to go ahead and join! The deadline of entries will be December 12, 2013, Thursday, at 4pm. Good luck!
Scrub not included :p

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