Ramona Flowers Cosplay

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Hello Sunshine! Last Monday, I went for the moon and dressed up as my least favourite character (personal reasons haha aka. selos lang), Ramona Flowers. It was super fun because her character gave me a valid reason to dye my hair an eccentric color—and cut my curly hair short sans rebond! Yay to natural curls!
But there was one thing that really bothered me about dressing up as Ramona, and that is her super simple makeup style. In fact, she’s pretty much no makeup look for me. I didn’t feel too joyous about the idea because I wanted to play with my makeup kit; so as compromise, I wore circle lenses from Freshlook Contact Lens Philippines!
Ramona Flowers Cosplay

FYI, it’s my first time to wear contacts. I was so afraid. I didn’t know how to put them on—and more, I dreaded taking them out. My officemates reassured me that it’s an easy process, that I just have to make sure my hands are super clean when I put them on and when I remove my lenses, so yes, at the end of the day, I mustered enough guts to wear my first pair of contact lenses!
With Freshlook circle lens
It was super worth it! Unlike contact lenses sold in tiangges that are very questionable IMHO, Freshlook contact lenses are perfectly safe—even for first timers like me! I didn’t experience any allergic reaction to it, it didn’t sting or hurt my eye, and I didn’t get any irritation after using it. I’m definitely a convert, and if you want to try out something new this party season, open up your eyes and try Freshlook contact lenses asap. They are FDA-approved, ophthalmologist recommended and are perfectly safe to use. You shouldn’t try otherwise because your beautiful eyes deserve only the best.


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To those wondering, I used Manic Panic Voodoo Blue from FunkyStreaks for my hair. I bleached my hair beforehand (READ my post on how to bleach your hair), which is probably the reason why it turned greenish, because my hair was orangey to begin with, but I loved it!

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