Colour Collection Lipsticks with Vitamin E in Pinkish Nude, Kissmark, Red Wine!

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Hello Sunshine! I confess that I think my love for lipsticks alone could have led to me starting up a beauty blog here in the Philippines? I know I share the fixation with most women--but to me, lipstick are like candy. They are sweet to own--in many colors--and are also perfect to explore in different textures! Last October I wrote for about the different textures of lipsticks, and if you'd like to learn more about what finish will work best with your style, you should visit my beauty article on The Pinoy Online Chronicles Beauty Section!
Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipsticks
Again, with my love for lipsticks, I share with you lip colors that will make perfect looks for different occasions, parties, and get-togethers awaiting your Christmas calendar. We all know how busy our social calendar gets when the holiday season is upon us, so d what I do! Switch things up just by changing your lip color! Like a perfect accessory, lip shades can turn one single outfit from prim to vivacious! My recommendations? Keep things fun in threes! Here are three essential shades that could totally rock your holiday festivities! These lipsticks from Colour Collection come in demure, fun and bold shades; that are also sheer, matte, and semi-matte in texture!

1. Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipstick in Pinkish Nude - sheer
2. Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipstick in Kissmark - matte
3. Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipstick in Red Wine - satin
Gotta love my Colour Collection Lipsticks with Vitamin E! Love the shades Pinkish Nude, Kissmark and Red Wine a lot! Only Php 330 each!

As a tip, your lip color should complement your eye makeup, and your outfit! Gone are the days when your lip color matches everything in your ensemble. Keep it fresh and fun by complementing instead! It's going to be funny if you look like pink puked on you, right? So if you're wearing a hot pink dress, you can use a peachy lipstick to mute down your loud pink outfit; or wear a red lipstick if you're wearing a pastel pink outfit! Have fun and remember to work with your lipstick, than working for it! Have fun!

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