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Hello Sunshine! I have a beauty tip to share with you, and this one has practicality all over its face. When I embarked on the journey of beauty blogging in the Philippines I knew part of what I wanted to collect were beauty books. They usually come pricey, and as much as I can, I source out my beauty references from sale sections! The best part? I end up saving more than 50% just by taking the time to search book sales! However, books on sale are not always at their best, and aesthetics is big for me so I got so excited when I discovered Cover Up, the prettiest way to take care of your books. Now, my brand new books, I already had them covered in regular plastic cover; but my book sale finds, they needed extra TLC so I used my super cute Krispy Cupcakes Cover Up! on them.

Super cute right? But did you know book lovers have more reasons to love Cover Up? Cover Up is also great for prettifying your laptops, cameras and even your favorite makeup brushes! In a way, Cover Up is such a beauty essential for me, it made being a Filipina beauty and book blogger definitely more fun!

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