LG Pocket Photo: the Perfect Companion for your Smartphone by Kumiko Mae

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Hello Sunshine! It's more fun kapag may souvenir. I don't know about you but I used to always go with friends to a photography studio for every occasion--whether it's an exam day, intramurals, or sportsfest! I think Filipinos love to treasure memories, and keeping photos could possibly be the easiest way to make memories last; and to revisit them!

But the digital age led to us settling with digital copies of pictures. Admittedly, most of my photos are just saved digitally because of the convenience it brings; however, it's also a bit of a hassle to reminisce with digital pictures. It's just not the same as touching an actual photo--perhaps even, keeping a photo close to heart.

I mean, there are a ton of things that you can't do with digital photos.

1. You can't be crafty with them and post them on your scrapbook!
2. You can't display them at home--nor can you frame them with a complementing color and textured frame!
3. You also can't enjoy the touch-sensation of looking back on a memory through a printed picture!

That's why I'm so excited to have won an LG Pocket Photo (Php7,999). LG PoPo, is truly a smart mobile photo printer that beats down polaroids to dust. Personally, I think PoPo is more economic and convenient to use because of it's ink-free technology, instant quality and vividly colored print outs, and its accompanying LG Pocket Photo App that allows you to edit photos taken from your smartphones before printing them out.
Super cute hearts design!

With the LG Pocket Photo app, you can add texts, filters, frames, collage, QR code, crop, etc, any photo you take using your smartphone! Watch your candid photos transform into cute and crafty picture memories, then print them out in a matter of seconds!
Our team (table) won an LG Pocket Photo for earning the most points at the LG PoPo games! So fortunate!

LG Pocket Photo is so convenient to use, it's the next most important thing to bring to parties, weekend getaways, and any ordinary day!

It's time for you to change the way you treasure your life achievements. Did you know that you can own an LG Pocket Photo for FREE this Sunday? READ about Your Dream Sale to know how!

Don't let your milestones get buried in your smartphone. Print them out using a true smart mobile photo printer, the LG Pocket Photo. Learn more about the latest from LG Electronics on Facebook!

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