How to Get Covered Up Now! by Kumiko Mae

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Hello Sunshine! The past few weeks, I've been talking about Cover Up!, a super cute self-adhesive book cover that is a book lover's way to a stylish and well taken cared of library. Today, I want to share with you how I first used my Cover Up!, I used it to preserve one of my favorite writing books, Write Here Write Now by AA Patawaran--a great recommendation from Sara Black!

 First you prepare your book, Cover Up! roll, scissors and an optional ruler so you can stick on the cover sheet with ease. For this tutorial, I won't use a ruler but instead just share that you can also make use of your scissors to flatten and prevent bubbles.

Then decide the orientation of your book cover (when using Cover Up! that has a printed design). Once you're okay, lay down the book over Cover Up! to measure how much you should cut to cover your book. Cut as usual. Then fold the cut sheet and fold it as if you're already covering your book. This is to plot the creases and folds you would be making once you peel the sticker off.

Now you peel!
Make sure there are no bubbles (you can use the handle of your scissors if a ruler is unavailable). If you make a mistake, don't worry because you can easily peel off Cover Up! without damaging your book! Once you're finished peeling, and if you're happy already with how you stuck the cover on your book, fold the excess Cover Up on the sides and seal! See, it's so easy, no need to use scotch tapes anymore! On top of being easy to use, it's so clean to look at too!

There you have it! To learn more on how to use Cover Up! check out my book lover tips! Learn more about bookish things by joining my private book club!

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