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Hello Sunshine! October is breast cancer awareness month, and I think there’s no better way to close this month, which incidentally, is also my birth month, than with an insightful look at the things that I learned throughout the year—and the importance of beauty that aims to matter. Being a beauty blogger in the Philippines opened my eyes to things that I now realized, I took for granted; like the time to read and write beautiful poems, my naturally curly hair, and even my odd way of looking at things (and by odd, I meant silver)

This time of age, beauty is no longer about having silky long hair, or flawless skin from head to toe. Beauty is about your sincerity to captivate with a kind heart and a cause, passion, or advocacy that strives to create something beautiful, each step of the way. Beauty is no longer about being gifted or born with close-to-perfection looks. It’s about your tenacity to create beautiful things—and share it.

When I’m made to sit and reflect about what this (blog) which I do, I always stay close to the core of why I started to even write in the first place; that is to Chase Beautiful Things. The way I imagine it, it’s about being a child in a beautiful garden, then finding a majestic butterfly flying low, close, and alluring. You chase it, as if it’s on demand. And though the chances of you catching the butterfly are slim, the bliss is in each step, stride, leap and giggle you share with the tiny little creature that caught your eye. As what other people say, it’s not about the destination, but the journey.

So three years forward, I’m still here, doing what I do best—Chase Beautiful Things! (Although one person told me, I need not Chase Beautiful Things because I myself is a beautiful ‘thing’; but that’s an entirely different story)

Few days ago, I joined my friends from Physiogel Philippines in advocating Breast Cancer Awareness through strong and spirited breast cancer survivors—women of plight, tenderness, and audacity—and how one of the darkest of their days became a light in their becoming. To help you learn more about their beautiful journey towards finding the inspiration and will to live from within them, watch the tribute video by Physiogel Philippines below:

Hearing their story reminds me of how fortunate I am considering my own closetful of worries. The mere fact that I am here able to share with you my cups of inspiration is testament to how much of my life I should be able to recognize and be thankful for. At the event, I saw these women laugh and share their best and their worst—vulnerably facing strangers, so to speak—but with the same delight and eagerness to withhold as if the room was family.

Surprisingly, what I took home from the Physiogel Extraordinary Women event was the underlying truth that we should all see without the need to face death before we allow ourselves to look; that we are indeed family. We are a family of dreams weaved into one another’s cloth of imaginings, one thread per life, and altogether a warm fuzzy quilt of a vision that should reflect more of light than dark, warmth that harshness.

Physiogel, a cleanser I am no stranger of, is a symbol for that vision—a remarkable gentleness that sits closest to the skin’s natural state—a cleanser that cures as if it were second skin, and is recommended for those with the most sensitive to the driest of skin conditions. The Physiogel family consists of the cleanser, lotion, cream and intensive cream, that being said, all you have to do to take the first step into Chasing Beauty, is choose.

As all of your life’s greatest moments begin, with the choice to be happy.

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