TURNBACKTUESDAY#37 Books for sale pn AyosDito.ph

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Hello Sunshine! Last week I shared with you the many hair color I have tried! This week, I just want to give a shout out to the items I'm selling online :) I just started selling some pre-loved items on AyosDito.ph and it's quite fun and interesting how easy it is to sell items there! You just post and then share whatever you're selling on your Facebook and Twitter account, and voila, next thing you know, you're receiving inquiries! :)

I'm selling mostly books, so if you're a book lover, please take time to check what I have posted on AyosDito.ph! Read after the jump to see the items I'm selling.

Fragile for sale
Unscripted for sale
A Million Little Pieces for sale
The Dukan Diet for sale
Out of my mind for sale
Extremely Loud and Incredible Close for sale
I have more books for sale on AyosDito.ph! Just click this link and look around! Most likely, yod come across an item I'm selling :)

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  1. Oooh, will show this to my sister. She loves reading books. She is even planning on starting a book reviews blog! :)


  2. one of my to-do list this year is to finish at least 3 books =( i had the hard time getting a "me" time iba kapag nagwowork ka tapos hands on mom paguwi =) weekends i spend the day taking care of my angel =)

    1. I don't think I can survive reading just three books for a yr!!! But it's a start! Hope you get more me-time sweetie!


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