TURNBACKTUESDAY#36 The Different Shades of Kumiko

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Hello Sunshine! They say that when it comes to women and haircuts, a story is always waiting to be told when the two collide. As for my story, we have today.

I recently chopped my hair again because I felt like I'm in that stage of life where a hair cut is fitting. And because I can't afford to have my hair colored anymore because they're seriously damaged.

So let me feel sentimental with you today and share with you a brief hair-story of my different stages--starting off with my really long hair when it was healthy, curly, and stress-free.

Then I had it colored, grew it long, then drastically chopped it off again!

Continued chopping... this time I went back to my comfort-fringe.

Chopped some more...

Then bleached!


And bleached some more!

Went orange (but really, sunset red)...

Then the pigments got washed off too soon, so I went back to being blonde, ASH this time.

Then the ash became rusty again, so I went back to being blonde!

Before I decided to stop coloring (because my hair was dying!!!) and went back to a healthy brown, Ash Brown!
But life just keeps on happening so fast...

so finally, another CHOP!

All that change between December 2012 to June 2013! Clearly, I only wish to be held securely.


If you're still with me til this part of the post, you're either two things: amused of my courage to go through so many changes or curious (maybe even concerned) of what I'm going through in my personal life. Maybe, even both. The truth is, I feel like I'm surfing over a raging tide. the current is fast, the undertow is fearsome, and my balance is less than perfect--but I surf anyway.

Life is a lot of challenges, surely, and the blessings, whether big or small, that come your way ever so often are gentle nudges and pep talk to keep your spirit uplifted and your feet going; but despite so, those little trinkets doesn't change the fact that life is a lot of challenges.

A dear friend's mom even told me, it's so difficult to live. That it's easier to just die. But I don't want to think that way. Yes, it's difficult to make a living and all the more challenging to live a life, but all that makes waking up to each day worth it.

I feel like, I can only see tomorrow. I feel like, there's a bright and beautiful ahead of me, under my name, with my full beautifully scripted name placed on a card in front of a seat that is adorned by white lilies and soft lace--but right now, ever so often, all I can see is tomorrow. And sometimes, I feel like that's bad. I feel like, one should always look ahead apart from appreciating the now. But, I'm in a place where tomorrow is more than enough. I would love to see through each day, and the day next.

And hopefully, be a step closer to my seat beside that bright and beautiful future, wherever it is.

What do you think?

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  1. I admire your bravery for trying lots of shades. haha! Some girls (like myself) aren't that confident. Recently nga lang ako nagpahair color, yung Mocha lang. hahaha. Wish I could try red though, but my job won't permit it. Baka slight red na lang. :p

    1. I dont think i can be at a job that will prohibit hair coloring! I will go nuts!! Re: fear. Just think that the hair will grow back! In fact a hair cut is scarier bec if u end up w. bad hair cut it would take forever. A bad hair color, you can change soonrr


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