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Hello Sunshine! What does it mean to have beautiful and healthy hair? If for the body, you have what you call a balanced diet to keep it healthy and nourished, how do you replicate the same habit for a livelier and silkier lock of hair? It starts with the skin.

This year, a revolutionary hair care system brings forth a brighter future for your hair. Twenty-five years after creating the first hair mask, Kérastase has innovated once again by creating a revolutionary hair care product that works on your hair to make it more beautiful every day, Kérastase Initialiste*.

This Kérastase serum is based on native plant stem cells that acts from the birth of the hair, enabling it to grow stronger, brighter and more beautiful than ever. Its exclusive Regenerative Complex® protects the stem cells environment to optimise the production of the hair biomaterial, thus reinforcing fibre strength. Hair quality is improved from the source and for a long time. With Initialiste (Php2850), an innovation inspired by skin care, Kérastase has turned a new page in hair care, ushering in a new era of stem cells biology.

What do you mean by SKINCARE for healthy hair?

A healthy hair care regimen begins in promoting a healthy environment for hair growth. This means improving your scalp’s health will progressively and eventually improve your over-all hair condition too—allowing healthier hair to grow and promoting an over-all improvement to your hair’s health.

Why is SCALP CARE important?

The scalp is essential to bringing out the sublime beauty of every woman’s hair. The scalp is where hair fibres are born, because of this, the scalp deserves the same careful attention that is given to facial skin.

Some SCALP tidbits

The skin on the scalp is fine and delicate. The scalp is 4 times thinner than the skin on the rest of the body. The dermal-epidermal junction is twice as taut as the skin on the face
This skin is made up of tissues with unique functionalities. It is endowed with a high concentration of neuro-sensors, with 2 stem cell reservoirs and immortal dermal papilla
This skin is where sublime hair originates - a source of sensations, a source of colour, key to hair density and to growth

Now premium science that understands your scalp’s needs brings forward the skinification of hair care through Initialiste! With extensive research and knowledge behind hair growth and renewal, a healthy healthy environment for the hair follicle to grow and producte beautiful hair is now made more attainable with each use of Initialiste scalp serum.

How does Initialiste care for the scalp?

Initialist is inspired by stem-cell technology. Each ingredient, the backbone of Initialiste, serves the scalp by further improving its health to regenerate and inspire healthier hair growth. Read below for the list of reasons behind Initialiste’s premium scalp care system.

Native plant cells taken from Malus Domestica, a millenary known apples species. We have proven their ability to optimise the environment of skin stem cells and to maintain their regenerating power.
Antioxidant polyphenols to protect the stem cells’ environment from oxidative stress ( UV, etc.) 
A Glucolipid (SP94) that acts on the external hair sheath, where the two stem cells’ reservoirs are. The lipid component consolidates the structure of the follicle’s external sheath. The “Gluco” component is an energy reserve that enhances the cell metabolism and enables rapid hair growth. In vitro tests. 
Ceramide imitate the ceramides that is natural hair components, and strengthen the resistance and cohesion of the capillary fibre. 

Because of these ingredients, your hair becomes visibly healthier in 7 days! Hair becomes stronger and you can notice reduced breakage! Not only that, you can also enjoy shinier, bouncier and more youthful hair with continued use.

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Achieve heavenly hair by also eating healthy!

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