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Hello Sunshine! What epic experience have you had lately? As for me, I had an epic massage treatment last Monday which til now, I can't get over of. It was truly relaxing and epic--it's a whole world of calm on its own!

Which brings me to more excitement of epic proportions because on top of beginning the week with an epic pampering experience, I will also cap it off with an epic movie premiere. What movie? Well, it should be obvious by now.

So excited because of Epic's voice cast. My goodness, I love them all! I can't imagine how fun it would be to watch such a cute and epic cartoon in 3D--especially after such a stressful and long work week! How about you, what movie are you seeing this weekend? If you don't have plans yet, watch the Epic trailer and see how quickly you'd be convinced to bring your family, friends, even loved one, to this amazingly epic visual treat.

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  1. Oh wow that is something I will be looking forward to! I'm still looking for a copy of The Great Gatsby with Leonardo di Caprio but I seem to be unlucky right now... =p



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