TURNBACKTUESDAY#29 Hope and dreams in my womb.

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Hello Sunshine! I'm sorry I have been missing on my daily blog posts since the weekend. I have been very busy, and I can only expect that life would only get busier--and better! The past few days have been SO HOT! Crazy hot! I have been sweating it out without having to bust it out at all! Summer is indeed here, and it seems it’s here to rage on. I just love this season!

Standing between two eras, is hard. More than ever, I realize now why we’re not meant to be in two places at one time. There’s an old saying that goes, happiness is in being present. It is in being where you are, doing what you’re doing. 

Of course, when busy schedules strike, it gets more challenging to follow such path. Frankly, even as I type now, I struggle to keep my mind in tact. I just came from an interview for a cover story of a magazine (I’m the writer, ha! Not the subject!). One of the kids I interviewed answered me “my brain is broken.” That is after I asked him if he’s being shy to answer questions about his mom that’s why he’s quiet. My brain, broken or not, is flailing more often lately, and it is my duty as a warrior of light, to always fight for its presence.

I’d love to think I’m doing a good job. I still consider myself completely blessed despite the troubled times. Our family is struggling, in ways more than one, but aren’t we all? Isn’t that a universal truth we share? That we are all struggling… and in our struggles, we share a collective feeling of hope. See, hope isn’t just important for the value it holds. Hope is essential because it cradles our humanity in its shoulder. 

When we hope, we continue to be, and when we are, we become more than the sum of our broken parts.

Stay hopeful darlings. I’m contemplating the need to break my daily posts to an every other day schedule; but I’m hopeful that I can do this. It’s my dream to write every day to be meaningful every day.

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Have a great day!

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  1. just stumbled acroos your blog! lovely read!

    cute sunglasses!

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    Suz x


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