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Would you believe it’s past half April? I can’t! Time flies by so fast, and now it’s almost May and next thing you know it, it’s wedding season again. Bells would be ringing and declarations of a lifetime love will be heard from every corner of the world. So romantic, to think of the many couples who decide to live their lives together… but also quite daunting to imagine. How do you prepare for such an occasion?

So today, I’m going to assume that we are precious bridesmaids this coming June, biased because I can’t imagine myself as a bride yet. Now, dear little bridesmaids, they say when preparing for a wedding, you should practice discretion in dressing up. The bride is still the main attraction, so never overshadow or else all hell would break loose. However, that shouldn’t be reason to let your guard down so effortlessly. Here are some guidelines and recommendation in choosing the perfect wedding (or even, formal dress for any occasion). These recommendations are based on your body shape, so come on, don’t be shy, pose in front of the mirror and let’s get down to business. It’s time to be the best-looking bridesmaid in town!

 Dressing the bridesmaids
Modern day weddings have changed in terms of style and tradition. The bride doesn’t always wear white and when choosing dresses for wedding guests, specifically the bridesmaids, the rule of dressing everyone the same regardless of size, shape and skin tone seems to have been well and truly broken.
Dressing the bridesmaids can be tremendous fun, finding a common theme whilst identifying different dresses can be challenging but will undoubtedly leave your bridal party feeling more comfortable in their outfits, and hopefully you will also be giving your best girls dresses they can wear again, outside of a wedding setting.

A popular technique for dressing bridesmaids is to choose a common color for all the ladies but allow them to wear styles more becoming to their size and shape.  Have a look to see how to dress the three most common shapes for women, especially in the UK:

The hourglass bridesmaid
If you have a bridesmaid who has the nation’s most sought after shape, dress to impress by giving them a two piece A line skirt and fitted top that nips in at the waist and accentuates their slimness.
Or similarly, style them in a dress which offers a corset style top showing off their neckline and then plunges into a full skirt on the bottom.  Teamed with summer sandals or chunky heels they will look stunning as a bridesmaid and feel confident to lead the bridal party into the church.

The apple bridesmaid
The skill to dressing an apple shaped woman is to maximize their legs and neckline.  Typically more rounded in the tummy, you could try dressing this shape in a V neckline which can distract the eye or in a dress which hovers temptingly above the knees, showing off slim legs. This can be a more comfortable and confident look for those who carry any weight in the middle.  Bold colors tend to work well, as do bold pattern designs.

The pear bridesmaid
When trying to find a flattering cut for a pear shaped bridesmaid, go for strong, fuller straps that balance out the top and bottom and an A-line skirt which will add style and glamour to the outfit.  Accessories around the neckline really add value and provide a stunning finishing touch to the dress.

Now whichever body type you land on, you can feel confident sashaying down the aisle to witness a love that will be shared for a lifetime, and more. Enjoy shopping and don’t forget...

even without romance, you should know that we all have a love affair with life! Live and love well.

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