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Hello Sunshine! I have been missing in action lately as I enjoyed my Holy Week (springbreak for some) vacation to my heart's delight. Nothing beats a refreshing getaway from all the buzz and stress of a daily grind than a change of setting and young and new company, freshened up by a sense of mind that is free and purposeful, if I may put it.

But of course, after a week of roaming around and "romantic" lollygagging it is time to share with you one of the things I'm most excited about for this upcoming summer season!

I will be hosting a beauty and skincare class on April 13, Saturday, 3pm at Shiseido booth EDSA Shangri-la Mall, with our friends from Shiseido Philippines, and ten (10) of my beloved readers will be enjoying the luxury of learning from the best, side-by-side yours truly! 

Come and join and bring home a more thorough understanding of Shiseido beauty and (wink wink) some freebies to put your learnings to practice!

Beauty and skincare is such a dear topic for me, as through it I have discovered myself, re-imagined a more insightful and hopeful life and even met people with equally dear hearts and souls; so to share a moment with the readers and friends who share the spark for things beautiful is a huge thing for me. With Shiseido no-less!

Without further delay, to be one of the lucky ten (10), simply follow my blog via Bloglovin (link) and Google+ (link), leave a comment below following this format, and sit pretty as I announce the winner on April 8!

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Recommend! If you know a friend who you think would benefit from this class, please don't hesitate to share this chance and perhaps we can all meet at the event! The class would be held at Shiseido Shangrila Mall.

Now I leave you with my puppy dog eyes, so you'd be inspired to join yourself and invite a friend to join herself because nothing would make me more happy than to meet you AND someone dear to you.

So excited and I look forward to seeing you all soon!

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  1. Rhania Chang
    Bloglovin name: rhaindropz
    G+ url: Rhania Escueta-Chang
    Random self info: Im chocoholic, music lover and a newbie mom =)

  2. how exciting! and what a cute puppy :)

  3. Mara Mina
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    Random Self Info: I like sweet food! :D

    I also followed you on all

  4. Name: Anya Hernandez
    Mobile: 09177035922
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  5. Name: Clair Ching
    Email: happy DOT eclair AT gmail DOT com
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    Random self info: i love playing with my hula hoops! :)

  6. Name: Kristel Yap
    Bloglovin name: beautybytellie
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    Random self info: I make a mean grilled cheese

  7. Name: Lessette Carrido
    Mobile (optional, but recommended esp if you don't check your email often): 09152812397
    Bloglovin name: Lizcarlett Johansson
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    Random self info (anything such as a favorite book, music, color, talent!): I can do splits! XD and do a cartwheel ;)

  8. Name: Robin Jacques Ong
    Email: jacobin (dot) ong (at) gmail (dot) com
    Bloglovin name: JacquesDelight
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    Random self info (anything such as a favorite book, music, color, talent!): I love my dog Yoko. Last month I gave her a hair cut ( :P


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