Do you want a tree to your name? How about three???

Like this post if you love caring for the environment.

Hello Sunshine! Would you please tell me how you spent your Earth Day? What, wait, you didn't know there was an Earth Day? Well... it's never too late.

If you missed out on Earth Day festivities, or if you want more earth-conscious activities, then this run is for you!

Our bodies and the earth share one of the most important things that sustain life – water. With both composed of 70% water, humans and the earth share an interest in respectively strengthening our bodies and in being conserved, long enough for future generations to enjoy healthy bodies and a healthy world.

Water is a critical component in ensuring that our bodies are not only hydrated, but also that all essential nutrients are properly circulated throughout our system. As we grow older, we have less water in our bodies; the same thing happens when we become less fit and more fat. One of the easiest ways to stay healthy is to run – not only does it improve circulation, weight loss, and oxygen flow, it also lessens stress. Since running is a strenuous activity, it’s important to keep yourself hydrated with the bottled water that empowers you to reach for it – Summit Natural Drinking Water.

While you’re maintaining your fitness levels, why not help save the earth in the process as well? The Nat Geo Earth Day Run 2013is being held at Bonifacio Global City on April 28, and aims to promote conservation and concern for the environment, while encouraging everyone to run and have fun. In addition to an eco-friendly race using recyclable and energy efficient materials, each registered participant who runs will have three trees planted in their name.

Sign up now and keep your body healthy, and make mother earth happy. 

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