All is Well, a healing balm

Hello Sunshine! Recently someone close to a friend's heart passed away and it was both fortunate and unfortunate that I was there when the news blew up. Fortunate because at least I was there to share a little bit of assistance (caring for the baby, etc); and unfortunate because it was heartbreaking to hear the tears form into the background, and to see them shed from my dear friend's eyes.

Losing someone, especially in such a permanent way, will always be something a bit of our hearts and souls won't ever be prepared for no matter how eagerly we prepare for it. Love makes any loss bigger than it is, most of the time. The pain would make sleep and rest more elusive than ever, and lack of sleep usually leads to the most horrendous headaches imaginable.

Through such a turmoil, it's always important to stay with the tenderness, says someone wise. Kindness is also a shelter for the broken spirit, because it allows healing to enter and take over. But there always is a question of how, when the darkness is too great to overcome.

On occasions as such, keeping it positive is the key to keeping a kind heart. When things aren’t going as well as you hope things to be, just keep the light and face the challenges with the shadows always a step behind. As you take each step towards the end of the tunnel, the brightness of a better future will be warmer and hope would spring from within. For those throbbing temples that strains each big stride, rely on natural therapeutic options such as Zen Nutrients All is Well, a soothing liniment made of a mix of essential oils, fit for massaging the hurt away, all towards better days.

Zen Nutrients All is Well (50g P225) is a healing balm that contains Virgin Coconut Oil, essences of Peppermint, Eucalyptus, White Tea, Lemongrass Pineapple, Vetiver and Ginger extracts. It also has healing Tea Tree and moisturizing Beeswax.

How do you cope with pain?


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  2. To me, at first, this seems like a lip balm. But this is an all-over-body balm right?



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