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Hello Sunshine! Summer is just around the corner as warm and humid afternoons have been blazing our days along, noticed? So today, I would like to share three of my bath buddies and skin mates that I recommend for the upcoming season. I always believe that it is our responsibility to care for ourselves by making proper choices beginning with health-related concerns, so today is heartfelt important because I want more summers with you!

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Beauty and Bright Facial and Body Lightening Moringa Soap

The daily grind is enough to stress any bella out. Busy schedules, pollution, unhealthy diet and worse, lack of sleep, can really take a toll on our skin. Can you remember smooth skin? If not, then it's time to turn back time with a skin cleansing agent that not only removes dirt, oil and sebum; but also nourishes the skin with vitamins and envelopes the body with a natural radiance.

Beauty and Bright's Moringa Soap* has seven beautifying actives in one bar. That 7-in-1 beauty solution includes the vitamin A and C-rich Moringa extract which is responsible in rebuilding the skin's lost collagen. Besides vitamins, the Moringa Soap also has Papaya extracts to effectively but naturally lighten and even out the skin. Add Kojic Acid derived from mushrooms and you got yourself a wonderful combination of skin lightening actives in just one product.
Droplets of Nature is a home grown beauty brand that espouses an eco-lifestyle through products that uses natural derivatives and are environment-friendly.

Aside from the soap's natural bleaching agents, Beauty and Bright's Moringa Soap also has a combination of Camellia, Japonica, Candeia Tree Oil and Oxalis Triangularis Oil that inhibits melanin production so you enjoy lighter skin longer. Now as cherry on top, this beauty soap has Alpha Hydroxy Acid rich Lactic Acid that moisturizes the skin and helps reduce skin irritation caused by deep exfoliation.

If like me, you prefer using more naturally-derived products, then you might want to give Beauty and Bright soaps from Droplets of Nature and let that extra five minutes of shower glory change your life. To use, lather as usual, but let the foam sit on the skin for at least five minutes before rinsing. 

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After bath, it's important to extend intelligent skin care to your vanity. I for one never goes out without application of at least a body oil. But the summer heat isn't very ideal for oil use, so I'm quite grateful to have found a friend in the form of the first-ever Whitening Serum for the body!

Nivea Whitening Body Serum

This is the first body serum for intensive whitening and repair of accumulated dull and sun-damaged skin. Although I'm in no serious effort to have lighter skin, I do aim for bright radiance whether for my face or body. Of course, it's always easier to achieve a glow on the face because of makeup; but body radiance is a bit hard. Gladly, Nivea's Body Serum* does exactly that. I find that it evened out my skin effectively and it granted me suppleness sans the hint of greasiness.

Few years back, I learned the importance of vitamin C for the skin's over-all health. I initially thought, vitamin C is only for the health-conscious, meaning those who don't want to get sick (colds, flu, etc). But later I found out that vitamin C is responsible for your skin's Clarity. C for clear skin. 

It is for this reason why I rave and rave and rave about the Nivea Body Serum. Not only does it effectively allows your inner glow show, it also clarifies the skin preventing dullness and sun-damaged patches of skin to getting worse. Its skin-repairing feature makes it an ideal preventive and restorative skincare (for those who realized the importance of protection a bit too late).

Fancy it all the more because of its SPF 25 content. For more information, visit

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Lastly, for the face. I know I should have started with this but since this is the only face product I'm including on this post, I figured to put it last. A toner, the healthy kind.

MoringaO2 Herbal Facial Toner

There's something about Moringa, for skincare especially. So aside from using a moringa soap, I'm also using a moringa toner. This is from the Moringa O2 range, a special skincare range that champions the moisturizing and nourishing benefits of olive oil and omega (O x 2).

The Herbal Facial Toner* is beginning to be a favorite of mine because it's gently formulated to suit dry and sensitive skin. These are two characteristics that make my skin type so it was a match made in veggie heaven. Of course, the part where the toner came from a range that hails sunflowers also contributed! I have my biases!

And you know what, this toner won awards from the leading beauty glossies locally, so that's how well-received this product is. :)

To know more about Moringa02 products, like their Facebook fanpage and follow them on Twitter.

On a similar sunny note, don't forget to enjoy Sample Room's Summer run! They're featuring Clium Fibre, among many, and oh my god, Clium Fibre completely changed my life! I am hooked after having tried a sample! For more updates, Like Sample Room on Facebook! Visit and register to get your Free samples too!

Don't forget to share through the comments your summer skincare!

Keep on facing these "almost" summer days with a smile, no matter what! :) Resilience is key. Resilience and an optimistic spirit.

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  1. You are so sweet.

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  2. Looks like they´re great products but I have this issue with nivea, never work for me as good as for other girls, but I will give it a try :)
    Gime (from GIG)

    twitter: @Coolrunwaystyle

  3. I love the pics! Great review:)

  4. wow, how amazing to see malunggay here! hehe love it! xx Donah

  5. As I´ve got sensitive skin I need good products :) I apply oils every day.
    xoxo KJ

  6. This all looks great. I really love Vitamin C in my skincare products.

  7. I've been seeing a lot about Beauty and Bright lately, maybe I should check it out. I haven't tried the Moringa-O2 toner yet but I was able to get the lotion from Sample Room. Love it. So excited to receive my first summer orders from them too :D

  8. great products. thinking of getting for myself this summer :)

  9. i drink clium! hahaha it wash away the toxin in our body. :) love your hair too. blonde. =>

    - from gig

  10. love the colour of your hair!! :) #GIG

  11. I don't really have a routine yet for summer. It's still very cold here in The Netherlands, we even had a bit of snow yesterday so I can't really think about my summer routine yet.

  12. I live in a country that is like summer whole year round so thanks for tip

  13. I dont have nay routine for summer but I think it is useful to many some. :)

    Style Without Limits

  14. nice list! definitely checking them out!

    xo Sarvin


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