I love my Sweet Recipe

Back in high school, I have always found myself smitten by this little love quote: I love you like a fat kid loves cake. I just find it so innocently adorable, and I couldn't help but feel flushed with its sincerity and lightness. This month, there's a whole world of sweetness awaiting us beauty lovers. One of my favorite Korean houses of color will release a delectable Spring collection, Sweet Recipe.

Sweet Recipe is a makeup range inspired by the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel. In the story, if you don't know about it, siblings Hansel and Gretel discovered a house made of sweets and pastries in the middle of the forest. Being a Grimm fairy tale, it had a dark ending, but Etude House's interpretation focused on the sweetness, playfulness and youthfulness of living in candyland!

Read more after the jump to see more of Sweet Recipe products!

Top favorite range from this collection is... the Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake Eyes. These two-toned baked eyeshadow colors are delectable in color and even in packaging!

Choco Chip Sweet Mint: This color combination makes me think of milk chocolate candies! 

Sweet Maple Syrup Choco: While this selection is truffly-good!

Sweet Tasty Mango Tango: For mango-caramel succulence lovers, this should do the trick!

Blueberry Plop Strawberry: While jam-lovers would find it hard to resist this!

Melt-in-Mouth Sweet Berry Lemon Mousse: What I personally hope to try, however, is this beautiful candy-colored set. It's sweet and endearing in one magical combo.

Surely, with those eye colors, it's a no-brainer to look as sweet as Sulli and Krystal, new Etude House Global ambassadors!

Aside from those cute Cupcake Eyes, they also have the Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color. These items are creamy lip and cheek tints--that you may also use as an eye primer!

I have tried three of the above colors and ooh-la-la, I can't wait to share with you the verdict! Stay tuned! I'm sure you'd fall in love too!

Beyond their cup cake-licious designs, they also have a release that will surely make any choco-lover's mouth water, the Sweet Recipe Chocolate Eyes and the Sweet Recipe Chocolate Highlighter.

When I saw this palette, I knew the very first second that I need it in my life!! It wasn't part of the press kit given me but I know I don't need to touch the actual product to know that those colors are the colors that need be, in my life!

The corresponding highlighter is as enchanting though! :) I'm still not over my highlighter phase so I won't be surprised if I head over Etude House to give this a try myself. Sadly, I think my press kit was interchanged with someone else because at the time I received my bag, I saw that I was given a highlighter, but when I got home, it was gone! huhu 

Further on to this sweet adventure, Etude House Sweet Recipe also includes three sweet-smelling Baby Choux base cream in three skin types. I have already tried one of my two Chouxs, and I must say, its skin brightening effect is instantaneous! It keeps its promise of soft, moist and bright skin, to a tee!

I don't blame our new Etude House girl for thinking that Sweet Recipe is good enough to eat!

The Etude House Sweet Recipe line will not be complete without these amazingly cute beauty products! From ice cream nails to cotton candy balls, Sweet Recipe is by far the best I've seen from Etude House!

So much colors to choose from... it's going to be one amazingly playful season!

Now tell me... which Sweet Recipe do you want?

Etude House Sweet Recipe will be available in stores by end of March, so mark your calendars and get ready to shop for these eye-popping color treats!

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  1. I want to review both the Chocolate Eyes and Chocolate highlighter, unfortunately, they're won't be released here according to the SA that I've spoken to. I sent a query to EH on Facebook but I never got a reply...sad!


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