How to have Shanghai Summer Orange Days

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Hello Sunshine! Alas, summer is here. I don't know about you, but I'm feeling that the heat is on more and more each day. Naturally, the winds are blowing our spirits to the beach. Nothing feels best than frolicking by beautiful shores and cool clear ocean waters when the sun is ablaze. Consequently, nothing makes smooth fuzz-free skin more of a requirement than the sunny summer season.

Skin is in, and when the temperature's up the charts and fashion is sheer and cut provocatively, a hair-free body is your best accessory! That's why I'm excited to share the news, that swimsuit brand I Love Koi partnered with Strip Manila to come up with Citrus Sunrise inspired swimwear so Strip fanatics can sashay their Shanghai Summer Orange kissed-confidence over their shoulders.

Whether you're bound to show a little bit, or a lot of skin, the global authority on waxing, Strip Manila is giving fuss-free worshippers the time of their lives soaking up sun. The I Love Koi partnership, inspired by the newest off Strip's menu called Shanghai Summer Orange will be launched at a private runway party on Thursday at Privé Luxury Club. Here's a preview to the film that is set to be launched along the runway too. Enjoy and see you there!

Founded in 2000, Strip Ministry of Waxing opened its first Philippine branch in 2008 under the management of Tab Abad. Ever since then, the brand has continued to release new and exciting offers for its regular clientele, while still maintaining their commitment to hygiene and quality. Their current range of waxes includes Choco Berry, New York Vanilla Cupcake, Strawberry, London Gingerbread, and Shanghai Summer Orange.

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How do you plan to pamper yourself for the Hot Summer season?

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