Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux in #02 Berry Choux

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Hello Sunshine! It's time to come closer to perfection and erase the time that has marked itself on your skin. I'm talking about, achieving baby soft and baby smooth skin for your face using a soft mousse-type primer that corrects and perfects the complexion, for makeup or on its own, Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Cream Base.

This is from the Etude House Sweet Recipe collection, a sweet and playful makeup collection that is bound to tickle your baking fantasies! Your sweet tooth too!

There are three variants for this product, beginning with Mint Choux, a light powder mint green cream base meant for troubled skin with red spots. The green on the base will help neutralize the skin's redness to achieve a smooth and perfect complexion.

There is also the third shade, the Peach Choux Base, which as the name suggests, has a more peachy undertone to it, ideal for those with warmer skin tones.

But for today, I shall be featuring the second shade, one ideal for my skin, the Sweet Recipe Baby Choux in Berry Choux. This particular shade has a more pinkish undertone, and has a freshly blushing finish, if you ask me.

I love that this cream base has a just-pinched glow to it because the pinkish shade really adds a lively glow to the skin. It also lightens and brightens my complexion so with it, I match my favorite BB creams more perfectly. It also helps me match my neck, as my face is usually of a different shade to my neck! :)

The result?

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How do you perfect your skin for makeup application?

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  1. hi! i was just wondering about the price? thanks in advance! and what BB cream do you prefer for girls with dry skin..thanks again! :)

  2. Is this a primer of some sort? Sounds interesting! Ganda pa ng packaging :)


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