Bubblegum Drop and Ice Cream Nails

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Hello Sunshine! This morning, I woke up humming Sweet dreams are made of these...

True enough, I think today's nail post sure is made of sweet dreams! Yes, I'm talking about Etude House Sweet Recipe's new nail polish range inspired by ice cream cones! Read more after the jump! If you want to read more about the Sweet Recipe collection, visit this post.

Today I'm featuring the bubblegum blue Ice Cream Nail color farthest to the left. I love it because it's a bright powdery blue shade that reminds me both of bubblegum drops and of clear blue skies!

As you may have noticed, I have a penchant for turquoise, and this I would have to associate to my love of water. I love water. I love to drink it, swim in it and to cleanse myself with it. Water is such a magical aspect of nature, and anything that reminds me of it, is always welcomed with a warm embrace.

From the bottle, I see creamy blue with sparkling bubbles, but once applied I see bubblegum drops and cooling ice cream! Suffice it to say, this nail polish has got me immersed into a fantastical imagining spree that is truly the essence of summer's warm sweet days!

When paired with my playful Dear My Jelly stick, I am bound for joyous memories, giggling candid photos even. :)

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What does the polish make you think of?

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  1. nice packaging!! :) makes me want to eat 'em!


  2. Those are absolutely yummy and the packaging is clever! I would love to grab a handful!!!

  3. This shade is so cute and reminds me of a big fluffy cotton candy ^-^
    This collection is adorable, I hope I can grab something but firstly I have to choose the best shop that ship to Italy with a reasonably price...
    rumble rumble :)
    Have a great day

    1. I hope you find a reasonable seller! They have really fun shades! :D


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