Lincoln Movie

I was fortunate to see the advanced screening for Lincoln at Greenbelt 3 last Monday, February 18. It was a Spielberg movie, so I ad my expectations up--and they were met. I love watching historical films because I love learning more about the past, about people and places, but sometimes I find it taxing to sit down and read thick references to get my engines started.

So Lincoln was a treat on its own. I loved how it trudged on a US' political history, with dark candor and heaviness cultures outside of the spectrum can still relate to. It was a humanistic way of looking at what happened during the time, and there was comfort in finding hope in humanity in these varied scopes of lives.

Of course, what I truly loved the most about the film was the senatorial debates! Wow! Oration prowess displayed in the film feels nothing compared to the local politics that I grew up in! Despite differences in views, despite selfishness or even self-serving stance, I was very impressed by how passionate the portrayal of then politicians seemed. It was really refreshing to hear sense out of men in suits!

Lincoln is now showing in theaters beginning yesterday, Feb 20. Will you watch it? Or have you seen it already?