Droplets of Nature

Last January, I developed an unexpected fondness towards cooking. Whenever I stay at my lover's (yesssss, JK!) I always end up wanting to cook (or at least help out in cooking). Other than that, I always have that eye on the sink, cause with or without me doing magic in the kitchen, I have a penchant on keeping the sink clean, empty and most importantly, dry! I hate wet chores, don't get me wrong, but I hate dirty sinks more so clean and wash the dishes, I do!

My problem is my sensitive hands. They always get so so dried up when I wash the dishes. I know it's the dish washing soap that causes the hyper-dryness and itchiness, because I shower a long time and my hands do not react to soap even if I soak a long while in it. But dish washing liquids are a whole different story... and they just harshly touch me. Sometimes, I would feel stings or worse, soreness just because of my dish washing liquid--the more concentrated they are, the worse! So really, I'm very thankful I got to try Droplets Dish washing Liquid. I reviewed them on this post... and wow, last Christmas sorry for the late post they sent me a Christmas gift... a fresh new bottle of their lovely Dish washing liquid! I.was.so.happy!

No more kitchen worries. No more dirty sinks. No more battered hands. :) 

 They even pitched in their delicious Beauty Bright natural soaps--very timely because I've been considering lightening my skin! So again, thank you Droplets! I look forward to sparkling news from your brand in the coming months! Dear friends, if you are also experiencing hypersensitivity due to your dish washing liquid, try Droplets!   

PS. What are you using to even out your skin tone? 
Do you prefer frequent scrubs or lightening soaps? Or both?

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