A Hair Revolution

This month marked the beginning of a hair revolution. For people like me, who go crazy and experimental with hair, this uncompromising hair care treatment is exactly what we've all been waiting for. 

For the first time, two world-class brands combine their expertise in creating a revolutionary hairstyling tool, the Steampod. L'oreal Professional and Rowenta, pioneering hair experts, came up with Steampod, the first-ever hair smoothing iron that delivers a continuous stream of high-pressure steam to the hair, an expert flawless technology that guarantees never-before-seen results, even damaged hair like mine can expect much of. To know more, read after the jump!

Steampod was officially launched in the Philippines this month, at BenchFix Lab salon at Glorietta 4. I was most honoured to be among the first few people to experience the treatment, and here are some inside preview on what happened at the event. (Yes, I brought a book at the event because I assumed the treatment would last a while... and nothing pacifies my restlessness than reading a book while pampering my hair) :)

Five years of research and development was showered all over my crowning glory--resulting to repaired, nourished hair, with smooth and sealed ends. I saw brilliant shine, immediately, and the luster and softness of my hair was a complete 180 compared to my pre-Steampod bleached hair dryness.
Yes, my hair is bleached. It is for this reason that I went for the SteamCare treatment, than the Steampod rebonding treatment. Both still uses the Steampod tool though, but SteamCare was more apt for my hair care needs. First they did was cleanse my hair using L'oreal Extenso products, iron my locks with Steampod and then apply treatment. By the way, the ironing process is also a treatment on its own as that step is infused with keratin-kindness.

So again, my dry bleached hair...

Before I reveal my after photo, let's all look back on my fluffy, frizzy, bleached damaged hair! :) Of course, a photo-op with my favorite girl, Sophie of Beautynomics.com

Now with sexy mom, Rowena of Animetric.com

Seriously, my hair is dry haha :)

With my hairstylist, minutes before my hair transformation.

And now...

After all these L'oreal Professional glory...

I would like to present to you my post-SteamCare photo. I swear, my hair has never been THIS good! Thank you L'oreal and BenchFix! 

(Left is before Steampod. Right is of course, perfect because of Steampod.)

Before, my fringe was as good as dead...

After, I have perfectly smooth fringe!

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  1. Wow, that steam pod works really well. I have a couple of Rowenta irons for clothes and they are really nice.

  2. It does look better than with the usual hair iron. I've never heard of this, I really want to try it! My hair is starting to frizz off from constant blow drying. For a change, maka steam pod naman. :)


  3. Hi, i must try this too! BTW, followed your blog, hope you can check back and follow me too.



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