Vince's Life is a chic-lit series, a trilogy if I may dare say, that I followed with enthusiasm as it evolved. I am typing this in advance because I feel like this scheduled post is in need of some release. Today, it's January 17. You shall be reading this anytime on or after January 29. That's a good two weeks from now. I hope the way I wish to conclude this post isn't as changed by then.

So the story goes like this...

In Vince's life, there were these two lovers: Vince and his girlfriend Andrea. They got together in college and as you would expect of a chic-lit based in that primordial period of humanity, someone had to go to the States and break off the dream (to fulfill a selfish one). That's book one. Book one which taught the lessons of rushing through the waves, riding the tides and stopping the fall. Book one which recorded what it's like to be afraid and get to know all the other scarier feelings of life. Life is a spiked edge, then a flower.

Then book two came to the picture, a way of coping. A tug-o-war of idealism and reality, a fate moving towards well fulfillment. When Andrea left Vince, Vince went through this downward spiral and down went the vigor he discovered in the background of being hopelessly in love with one woman named after the beginning of what could be his first nursery. Book two which introduced a new fountain of hope. Book two which reupholstered a broken down chair--a justification or even fate's payback for all the tireless moping that could have ensued care of the beautiful, love of his life.

Then the epic conclusion. A wedding, no other. Where Vince finally chose. Where the story, which he thought was finally ending--his offbeat chronicles--was actually just about to drum off.

So goes the story... there are people who would value seeing you without a bath and still find you beautiful. These are the names who will be among those you'd consider as people who "sees you through, and truly". They will always have a certain string tied to your heart because they made you feel valuable when you couldn't even consider having any worth in this world. They would hurt you, beat you up and more, but at the core of who they are in your mind, they cared. These are people you'd forget, but not entirely. Mostly because these would be the people who'd start the ball rolling. They believed in you, perhaps even before you did. That would always mean something; but it's not everything.

Once you realize that you love yourself, you'd stop needing another person's love for the sake of it. You'd start sharing yourself for the grander reasons such as the simplistic and sincere desire to impart who you are to another. In terms of words, dreams, touches and glances, these little moments of diffusion will remove you from your solitude and immerse you to the presence of a shared space. Once there, you grow. You adapt to another's whim, then also adjust your very own. Sometimes you succumb to the danger of completely losing yourself--but hopefully, in due time and after lessons are learned you return to the balance of granting yourself an equal chance against love. After submerging yourself to the deep dark waters of affection, you drown or grow a gill. You either die and become foam, a beautiful tragic closure; or resurface and return a bit deeper due to an earned ability to tread an unknown. In this careful changing wave, you rise and you fall, and rise and fall once more. Until you hit the shore, where you're home or at least where you rest the tangles of your soul.

Of course, orchestrated with the classical tune of the wind, there's always going to be that moment where you lose what you stand to lose, to gain what there is to gain. Life yes, people also will disappoint us, move us, leave us, betray us--they can do so much and so little at the same time--and we, receivers and takers just make what there is to make among the plastic edges that sometimes fit, sometimes not. We let go, we find peace. Perhaps in returning to a solitary resignation--the belief that at the end of the day, the only person you can truly have is yourself. And we sometimes sigh deeply, because it's that very detail which we try to disprove whenever bonded with another heart; yet it is that very detail which will always earn the bigger space on the charts. We bid goodbye to every story made. We let life blow things away, watch things fade, until all that's left is who we are. This is where we rediscover how we truly should be seen. Then this infinite moment becomes the defining stage to yet another adventure--but we don't forget that each story is different.

Everything's changing.

Never demerit your feelings. If you felt it, it's real.

I once have this little bejeweled crown for my long hair. My hair got really long cause I swore not to remove myself of everything that became a part of the story we were trying to write.

Then that story ended and although the cut was delayed, I had to find the time and the financial capacity to achieve what I wanted for my untouched locks, when that story ended, so did the promise. Promises sometimes have a given ending--and here is where we can't claim wreckage. Some promises are better left divorced.

Sometimes, because something more promising is set to begin.
Once upon a time, between air and land, was nothingness. A nothingness that was taken for granted by turned cheeks and careless twirling about.

Then it became something.

Then it became an absolution of sins, and a collision of dreams, two flames in a burning engagement, something beautiful, no doubt.

So the story goes... this is my life right now.

It took years in the making, it's scary as fuck to even imagine losing, but it is happening. Life is happening. This is my life right now, and I can only imagine it change into a becoming.

What's your greatest love story?

PS. I am editing this now, few minutes before its scheduled 01-22-13 11:30AM publication, because we just broke up.


  1. This is a really lovely book review. I'll try to find this book. Btw, How much are those books? :)

    I started reading your blog last December but never really got the chance to leave you a nice comment. You can say, I'm one of your silent readers. :) I think all of your posts are worth reading. Stay beautiful inside and out! :)

    1. You're so kind Hagar. I never really imagined I have silent readers. But I can always hope I make someone happy/feel entertained out there. They're available at either NBS or Fully Booked. the new reprints are selling like hotcakes so grab a copy stat! They're very much worth it. Light-reading, for young hungry hopeless romantics (like us, I assume?)

      They're approx P200 each.

      Thank you for your kind words. you made me so happy with your comment.

  2. This is a very good book review!! I am not much of a reader, but this seems like something I would read!


  3. Where is your blonde hair? The sixth paragraph sounds like a marriage.


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