TURNBACK TUESDAY#14 To the year that was something

I'm surprised that a number of my friends (closest and fondest) sees 2012 as quite a definitive year. Personally speaking, 2012 for me can be summed up to one small but cryptic word: something. This year was quite something. Looking back through its pages just leaves me a bit out of breath. I'm glad it's soon to be over. Few more hours and we're writing down a new year at the end of our schedules. At a certain level, I think I can even feel proud of myself to have gotten over quite a year of hefty somethings.

Before I welcome the new year, I'd like to share five very important things that this year, although vexing, taught me. These lessons are what I take with me as I dream of a better 2013.

Value yourself
Knowing your worth is as crucial as knowing your purpose. Believing that everything happens for a reason is tantamount to trusting that each and every one of us is valuable--and yes that includes you. Value yourself and celebrate your little flaws as much as you celebrate those little golden inches of you. It begins in accepting what makes you unique, what makes you YOU, and from there springs more opportunities to share love and more importantly, to also value life. The moment we realize our impact and importance, and consequently recognize the responsibility of keeping up with that realization, we inevitable strive for excellence in everything. Not perfection, but excellence. We become better. When we value ourselves, we value what we do--and that always leads to greatness.

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Live mighty, wildly, and sincerely
I developed a bad case of passive behavior this 2012. I can't recall how it started, or why even, but it happened. It was an out of character change, and it consumed me in ways I didn't expect possible. I became so passive, I lost track of lesson no.1 (above), my value. But as the year progressed, life shocked me and pushed me over the edge. That shunned me the way I needed to be shunned. From there, I started picking up the pieces, as I recover the energy I have always known myself to have an endless supply of. Each day, each minute of our life should be spent living, not passing through. I read somewhere, one should live like a mighty river. Live raging and turn stones, and just go. No, not go with the flow, be the current. Live like there's no looking back, just moving forward. Be wild, don't be afraid; but be sincere, mean your kindness. Mean every touch. Mean every word.

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Dream big and be brave
I'm most looking forward to 2013 because it's a fresh set of calendar months to which I can brave more opportunities of fighting for the things I dream about. I have already set quite a number of dreams (some of which I dream so hard upon, are actually no-room-for-failure-plans already). 2012 made me realize how hard I should fight for the things I dream of. It was a year that awakened me to the concept of being my own motivation. Believe in yourself and fight fight fight! 2013 is THE year to be limitless. Cross those lines, break-free from the shackles of not knowing--and KNOW. Know your limit, test it, emerge.

To help me achieve my goals, I'm so excited to share that my 2013 planner of choice is the Belle de Jour 2013 Limitless Power Planner. As usual, BDJ planners would be my strategy and progress board. Last year, it also turned itself to a very heartfelt journal, an escape and a confidante, and this year I expect nothing less than amazing experiences with my favorite "for over-achiever" planner of all time.

Inspire and empower

Developing your inner strength is nothing if you don't extend and share with the world. With that, what 2012 taught me, is beyond the goodness of living a generous and open life. 2012 moved me to be a bit more influential (in a good way of course.) The world is changing. Social landscapes and dogmas are now adapting to cater to a wider level of understanding and acceptance. But the movement, in some parts of the world, isn't as steadfast as it should be. The changes are sometimes not as deep, thus superficial. At the end of the year, I realized that 2012 was a call to action--to which I hope I responded to ever so often--but yes, it was a call to action--to which I place my 2013 cards on strategically. There's no room for waste. Everyone is a part of the change the world needs to sustain itself--and ourselves. Be inspiring and be passionate over something that will move you to also empower other people. Be part of the change. Be the change the world needs.

To inspire you, check out the Cream Silk Her Difference campaign video below as shot at San Vicente, Palawan. This campaign aims to empower women to be a more active role in the preservation of our tropical land's precious natural resources.

All these lessons and realizations wouldn't see the light of day if it weren't for this one very important thing that 2012 taught me, and taught me well it did. Listen. Listen to your heart, to what other people has to say, and to what life has to share with you. Listen intently. Learning and growth begins when we choose to be a student and listen.

How about you? What was 2012 like? Join my giveaways okay? Don't be shy. I love sharing my blessings with you!


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    1. Happy New Yr too Joey! :D Thankful for our budding online friendship!

  2. This year was quite a 'something' for me too.. Full of so many events and happenings.

    Thanks for sharing with us what you have learnt this year. I agree with the dream big and be brave too =)

    Happy New Year hun!! xx

    1. Thank you for such a heartfelt comment. much love.

  3. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas. I apologize for totally being out of touch!

    1. Happiest New Yr Jenni! No worries. I know we've all been quite busy :)


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