The Ocean Box

They say, in gifting, it's always the thought that counts. Well, when a gift is well-thought of, you bet your riches it's not just the thought that would count! Just this January, my lovely friends from Pevonia Philippines sent me the best surprise of the year! It's a boxful of treats that reminded me of something beyond dear to me, the ocean.

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Starting this week, I shall be using the exfoliating seaweed soap from the pampering set they gifted me. But because I'm a very sentimental person, let me share some thoughts :)

I love the ocean because I think among the many inspiring facets of nature, the ocean carries the deepest and most vast collection of symbols, metaphors and desires I have as a person, more so, as a writer. The ocean is filled with so much beauty yet it also hides neath its breast, a danger that calls upon fears most difficult to overcome in one snap of a finger. 

So when I opened my belated Christmas gift and saw that it is filled with ocean-related trinkets, my heart was elated with so much glee. Not only are these pampering treats, they are reminiscent of my favorite earthly concept. Waves of excitement embraced my little world.

Really excited to try this soap! to know more about the Pevonia Botanica Seaweed Exfoliating soap, go to this link.
Exfoliate and refine! Pleasurably aromatic, Pevonia Seaweed Exfoliating Soap converts your bath and shower into a repairing therapy. Combining Seaweed, one of the greatest marine elements with Shea Butter, this soap stimulates circulation, removes surface build-up, and renders your skin silky-smooth.  
Do you love the ocean too?
Just a quick moment of sharing. Here's a song I recently discovered and completely am in love with. It's not much of a pampering song, but it's definitely made for people like us who loves the ocean and then some.


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