Menu of Life

I love reading success stories because I find inspiration and strength in them. Today, let me share with you a little background story on one of my favorite retail chains, Max's Restaurant and their new brand ambassador, the equally delicious hehe Coco Martin.

When Coco Martin was revealed to be the new face of my beloved house of great chicken, I was further enamored by the reason behind Max's choice. Unknown to many, Coco worked as a young server at Max's Fairview in 2001 before he become the illustrious actor that he is today. In fact, it was his experience at Max’s that has actually paved the way for this unassuming talent to be discovered. One of Coco’s customers saw great potential in him while he was busy serving Max’s delectable home-cooked dishes to diners. Coco’s ‘customer’ turns out to be a talent scout from one of the leading television networks in the country. He invited Coco for an audition and to explore acting as a profession.

Surely, good things come to those who wait (and of course, strives hard to achieve their goals). Especially in show business where competition is steep and very tight, Coco struggled hard to make a mark in the industry and to be relevant to the industry. Sure enough, his persistence and clear vision granted him the public's love and respect of his craft. Now, he is one of the country's top matinee idols with fame crossing over to countries from Europe and Asia. Suffice it to say, his life was never the same again. This is why Max's restaurant, one of the country's best fast-dining restaurants, chose Coco Martin for their newest campaign. “We saw in Coco a great Filipino story of perseverance and hope with which Max’s was also built on. We see a great connection between Max’s and Coco and that’s why we believe we have found the perfect partner for Max’s,” added Caper.

To further inspire you (and for some side-swooning), let me share with you Max's newest TV Commercial featuring Coco Martin, so beautiful called "Menu of Life".

What's your favorite success story?


  1. He was a server pala sa Max? How inspiring naman..


  2. What! Coco used to work at Fairview? How unfortunate that I rarely eat at Max's. I would've had the pleasure of seeing a cute waiter. Hahahaha


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