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When it comes to being intimate with a person, one thing that seals the deal for me is that other person's scent. Whether a friend or lover's, it's very important for me to be "attracted" to that person's fragrance. Let's be real, how do you expect sitting close to someone who spells foul upon every breath you take?

So in search of that "perfect" personal scent, women such as I, experiment with different fragrances made available in the market. There are a ton of notes to play with, from floral to citrus to musky to earthy. Ladies enjoy this the most because I think it's very natural for women to have multiple fragrances in their vanity table. For us, the fragrance we wear is like an accessory, it should match our mood, our outfit and even, our state of mind. When feeling romantic, we go for floral. When feeling playful, we go for citrus; etc.

Same goes in our fascination with celebrities. If we idolize a certain Pop Star, we head over their newest perfume release so we too, can be just like them, at least in a very simplistic way such as smelling the way they smell. When our favorite Hollywood celebrity introduces her new signature scent, it's a natural rush to want it--want it so bad we search the world wide web for the most convenient way to acquire these fragrant tonics.

But sometimes, reality bites and we realize that we can’t really blow our entire savings on a single bottle of perfume. Nor do you want to resort to buying a knock-off or a cheap “smells just like the real thing” brand--or worse, buy fake! (not only does supporting fake brands promote unethical businesses, it's also very very dangerous as these fake perfumes can harm your respiratory system.)

So comes the importance of knowing a refutable house to satiate those fragrance longings from. As the “Perfume Store for Perfume Addicts”, this is what FReSH Fragrance Bar addresses as it opens stores around the country. It offers reasonable prices compared to department stores, flexible payment schemes, perpetual promotions, and loyalty programs so you can easily afford the bottle you’ve been eyeing.

All with the assurance that what you’re buying is the real deal. 

FReSH has an extensive selection of premium imported scents—from luxury designer brands to retail favorites, as well as the latest from sports, fashion, and entertainment superstars. Aside from a refreshing selection of perfumes, FReSH store’s vibrant, hip design, and friendly fragrance consultants also makes fragrance-shopping leisurely and fun.

“Choosing your scent shouldn’t be rushed,” says Fresh Fragrance Consultant. “Especially when you’re young, you should take your time and experiment to find out which perfume works best for you. Our staff also assists our customers to find the right fragrance, they won’t merely push specific brands just to make a sale.”

Fresh currently has five retail stores in Eastwood Mall, Alabang Town Center, Lucky Chinatown Mall, Marquee Mall Pampanga, Abreeza Mall Davao and several more to come. For further information, you can visit our Facebook page at


  1. I really don't wear perfume, they're too strong for me. I do like perfumed lotions as a lighter alternative. I hate celebrity brand perfumes. Celebrities don't need any of my money! I'm not in support of their vapidness. Also, I liked how you mentioned that some perfumes are not healthy, they are bad for the respiratory system, so people need to be careful what the ingredients are in a perfume before they spray it everywhere and breathe it in. Nice post Kumi!


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