Books as Gifts!

I received books as gifts!!!

Yes, I say that with the urgency and intensity of a triple exclamation because I'm a certified book lover. Whether it's for a reward, a birthday or random act of kindness, to my vocabulary, nothing beats books as gifts! Thank you so much to my ever-so-sweet Fully Booked family for this absolutely pleasant surprise!

♥I feel so loved♥

What's the best book gift you've received?

If you love books, please do join my humble Facebook Book Club! I would love to have you a part of this heartfelt community of book loving friends I'm trying to build!


  1. Pretty pictures. I like your blog. Would you like to follow each other? Kisses!

  2. Best book gift I received? I have to say it's the Game Of Thrones Book Set my sister gave me Christmas of 2011 :D

  3. Great post, your blog is amazing dear <333
    Would you maybe like to follow each other?
    Love, Anna


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