BOOKREVIEW#70 Rapture by Lauren Kate

Someone really special told me that we can never go through life not knowing how things end. It was such a heartwarming, outrageously witty and sexy inside joke... and it made me blush like a high school girl. I wanted to answer back, baby, there's no end to us; but I chose to remain quiet and just exhaust that sudden jolt of happiness.

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Rapture* is the final installment of Lauren Kate's heaven and earth-bound epic love story-- a battle of the good and wrong choice -- and frankly it is not the grandest ending of all, but it was just. It had the right amount of sucker punch in it to make days of falling for the Fallen series worthwhile. It has the right amount of calm to satiate a reader's need to know what is to happen to the characters s/he empathized with.

After deepening her awareness through Passion, Lucinda is faced with the most daunting task of all--and that is not to simply break the curse for her and Daniel's chance to finally be together; but also to prevent history from being rewritten... in such manner that lives will be lost--or rather, never lived.

Lucinda, a soft yet growing powerful soul, will prove herself with the most valuable decision she has ever made in all her lifetimes. It's a pleasant revelation that you shouldn't dare miss... especially if you've fallen this deep into the series.

For your viewing pleasure, check out below book trailer. :) It's not the best book trailer out there, I honestly think it doesn't give Rapture proper credit, but it should do. I like the sound of time ticking away. I always find it quite scary to imagine losing chances to lost time.