Last Sunday, I paid all my dues. Or at least as far as I can recall, all the dues that I have to pay. I hate having arrears of any sort and I'm quite a happy bee to have closed all my financial responsibilities before the year ends! Surely, there is still a hint of dread that with the remaining 14 days of 2012, I gain a new liability, but my heart is set in keeping this clean slate for a clean slate's exactly what I need this year.

An hour AFTER I celebrated preparing the money to pay my dues, I lost the money--quite carelessly acually. I put smurf's to shame. Anyway, so yes, I still have a few days of 2012 to achieve that clean slate. I hope I can. I really do.
Lately, I've been finding myself getting curiouser and curiouser about the intricasies of life and human behavior. :)

Speaking of liabilities, if you haven't yet, please take a while to consider taking part in helping Pablo typhoon victims. Here's an infographic that will make your act of generosity a bit more convenient.

And for those who still have some shopping to scratch of their lists after wearing their secret Santa hats for Pablo typhoon victims, why don't you enjoy this amazing end-of-year sale from Crocs? With such a heroic heart like yours, you deserve footwear that will let you go places, sans pain and callouses. Personally, I love Crocs flats the most because they have grown as a stylish brand of footwear without ever sacrificing their ultimate edge among other footwear--comfort and durability.

Don't forget that despite the troubles that life may throw our way, we are all strong and gifted individuals. 

With a little glimmer of hope and a lot of faith in ourselves, we can all surpass and excel in this borrowed life--while even setting a delightful example for the future to emulate. The world is rumored to be ending this week... should that be true, isn't it time to make the most of each day?

Of course, with or without an armageddon, I hope we are all making the most of our days! :) Likewise, since I refuse to believe that the world is ending this coming 21st, I bought some sunflower seeds to plant this coming March 2013!

I am ready. I am hopeful. I am excited for 2013! :) How about you?