BOOKREVIEW#68 Torment by Lauren Kate

Last Christmas, my little sister gifted me with the second book to the Lauren Kate's Fallen series. Book two is entitled Torment. Before anything else, let us talk about what the word Torment means. Surely, for a book to be named after just one word, Lauren must have had some recipe brewing from within. (Read my thoughts on book one, Fallen by Lauren Kate, here)
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Torment is of extreme pain and anguish, both mentally and physically. Did book two live up to its name? Not very likely. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed reading Torment. It moved a bit too slowly and dragged on the idea of Luce being blindsided about her past--eventually got boring and tedious--but there's no mistaking, it's always pleasurable for me to read a story about displaced passion, undisciplined minds and passive-aggressiveness. Whatever setting you put those little qualifications in, it's bound to touch a soft spot in me. 

Did torment highlight how cryptic Daniel was? For sure. 
Did that, or is that the sole reason why Luce suddenly became an interesting character--with a hint of defiance in her bone finally? I believe so. 
Is the battle between angels and demons, the two sides of the same coin, moot or at least not as black and white as it seems? Perhaps. 
But did Torment shed any light in giving weight to the possibility of a deeper meaning behind that legendary-lifetime-encompassing war of good and evil? No. 

Torment didn't make me feel a hint of anguish. Luce was conflicted, even in book one, but it didn't grow past its comfort zone in book two. It remained as is: conflicted, lost, denied. These are of course strong motivations any character can act upon on; but did it really require 500 pages for a girl to decide to move. It shouldn't have. 

 Nonetheless, I'm into deep. I'm excited to read book three because someone really special got me a copy--and because I can't be forced to live another day not knowing if Luce and Daniel lost their cosmic love affair to time and space. 

 Uhm, yeah. As much as I found almost the entire book blah and boring, the ending was my type of game. The ending was golden. I love stubborn impulsive girls.

What type of book characters do you relate to the most? Personally, I love bad-ass honest heroines. 

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